Bulat Okudzhava: Shout about love...

Don't remember when for the first time, from parents, whose youth fell on the legendary sixties, heard the songs of Okudzhava. They just accompany your whole life, go together. Some of them have become an integral part of the soul, some are still waiting for "will grow" to them.

It was only later I read about Okudzhava lot of enthusiastic responses, and the words "the conscience of the people", and then, in childhood, heard the words are very simple but very sincere, that heart ached: "... and the pain that squarecom pounded in his temple, abate, abate..." I did not know anything about this "squarzoni", now know more, but in the "blue trolleybus" has been "the cure" — kindness and hope.

God knows what it cost him then to speak about the fact that neither is human. Do not call to anything (God forbid!), just open your soul in front of everyone ("Everyone writes as he breathes"). What should "shout about love", risking (and receiving) the label "vulgar".

God knows what is he is now in his quiet voice cry out to us through a deafening roar of "mass culture". But you really need to shout, you need not for him — us!

"... And friends convene at the love your heart attitude..." if we Confess ourselves in the rare quiet moments that you most need what as it is not accepted to speak now with screens — need understanding, trust, sincerity, love. Say — fashionable? Yes God with it with fashion. Because we are talking about our soul, that remains for life, even after...

They say his songs are songs of the previous generation, young they do not sing, his era is gone. I don't know whether his poems and novels to read to our kids, don't try to argue, it is a meaningless thing. Time will tell, it is wiser and more honest. I'm not arguing, I just really love the verses of Bulat Okudzhava and sing his songs. Really want to follow the poet to "shout about love forever, the heat of the moment..."

Let me remind you of his immense popularity, he has not learned practically nothing, I mean in the material sense. Can anyone remember a poster on which is written in large letters his name? If so, very little. But could, if desired, the entire country they hang. Received many flattering and profitable offers, but usually refused, because he lived always difficult. As befits a poet who loves life, but understands it not as fun, but as a Ministry.

D. S. Likhachev

After one of his nights looking around the room — those eyes! Quite different than before! Affected even: "What are your eyes! Wear them longer!.."

Alexander Volodin

Bulat was neither disgraced nor governmental poet. He was gifted with a poetic and a kind of performing talent, he was awarded the precious gift of a sick conscience. Despite the value of this rare gift of time it is almost unbearable. Because when Bulat was impossible to protect any of us from trouble and to distract from the despair of the persecuted, he went for the hope. And found it, trying to share at all...

Zoe Krakhmalnikova

They say that the youth do not know the songs of Bulat. Possible. But it doesn't matter. The bright prophecy of the poet is firmly established not only in consciousness but in the subconscious, in the genetic code of Russia, in what is called the conscience of the people. Does it matter who is in the soul of man says softly, "thou shalt Not kill"? It is important that — do not kill.


Intelligence, I think, is primarily the ability to think independently and a thirst for knowledge and the need to bring their knowledge, as they say, on the altar of the Fatherland. Now something emerges, but this is not enough. After all, intelligence, in addition, in my understanding, is a state of mind.

Important ethical criteria: respect for the individual, a sick conscience, tolerance of dissent, the ability to doubt their own right and hence the tendency to self-irony and, finally, crucially, a rejection of violence. Something, apparently, I missed and I have no doubt that someone are going to seem incomplete, and insufficient, and someone in my opinion, might be offended. I do not claim to final determination, just thinking...

I never claimed that I am intelligent. But I always wanted to be an intellectual. Although I have many shortcomings, vices, but liberation from them, perhaps, is the approach to intelligence.

Bulat Okudzhava. Interview 1992



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... My evenings in conversations all the time asking: how to live, what to do? I answer that I know I'm not a politician, I find it hard to offer anything specific. But by and large I think everyone needs to work honestly, to do what he knows how to make that is obliged to execute as a professional. That's all, a simple recipe cure the disease afflicting our society.published

Bulat Okudzhava. Interview 1994

Dying is not scary — it is terrible not to live.

Bulat Okudzhava


Author: Hope Makogon


Source: www.manwb.ru/articles/persons/fatherlands_sons/Okudjava_NadMakogon/


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