The voice of conscience: If your conscience is telling you to leave, not stay!

Voice of conscience… Perhaps the familiar assertion that the best pillow is a clear conscience.

That simple statement is not unfounded. The feeling of our conscience depends on the adequacy of our self-image and our view of the world. For anybody not a secret that the well-being of each of us needs to make our vision of the world was filled with harmony and balance.

What is this harmony? Perhaps it is based on the fact that our every action and decision, our every word and action were in accord with our values and worldview. Only in this case, our conscience is calm and we meet each new day happy.

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Of course, each of us sometimes have to pay a very high price for this peace of mind. It happens that we have to make difficult decisions, to change the circle of communication and to move away from some people.Every person goes through several stages in their lives, with the result that there is an understanding that we truly matter what values are priority and which are secondary.

The voice of conscience — why is it so important for her peace of mind

Unfortunately, not all of us are fortunate enough to enjoy the calm of this vast mysterious ocean. Some of us can't sleep because his conscience is troubled.

This invisible storm can be caused by many reasons. The inability to forgive the offender, the prosecution themselves in the wrong deeds of cowardice, of weakness. Perhaps in life there was a time when close friends were expecting from him a specific action or decision for which he never dared. The restless ocean of conscience — a world that cannot be known until the end, how deeply would we not immersed.

This is a complex and interesting concept — the conscienceOne of the main experts on the human conscience can be called William James. According to this famous philosopher and psychologist of the late 19th century (and the brother of the famous Henry James), the conscience of man include 3 aspects:

  • The empirical ego
This part of conscience determines our identity: it is formed our self-image, our tastes, preferences and what we're trying to avoid.

  • Pure ego
This part of our conscience is the most hidden and intimate, it touches on the most profound layers of our self. Very often we are not aware of what processes occur in this far corner of our consciousness.

This part of our conscience sometimes gives rise to horoshenkaya each of us the inner voice that warns us that something in our life goes wrong.

  • Changeable ego
The life cycle of each person involves unexpected twists and new perspectives that complement and make richer our personality.Conscience is a living organism, and all life is characterized by variability and development.

Each person possesses a certain system of values, which over time may undergo some changes. This internal compass is never wrong, he tells us ways out of the complex and at times unjust situations with the least damage to us.

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Why you should not ignore the voice of conscienceThanks to William James, we understand that our conscience is an integral part of our "I". She leads and directs us through life, through it we learn and change for the better. Through our conscience we are able to distinguish between good and bad.

You might want to ask why in this case some people prefer to ignore the inner voice of conscience?

The reasons for this may be several:

  • Some of us focus more on the external world and goes through life guided by the opinions of others or a desire to benefit others, neglecting their own needs and opinions.
  • When we turn a blind eye to their own conscience, the inner harmony of our personality is destroyed. This inevitably affects our self-esteem and health. We begin to feel uncomfortable.
  • It happens that some people think only about their interests, making selfish decisions without thinking about others.
  • As we have said, our conscience is guided by our values. This is one of the human instincts, which is able to tell us in what cases we are doing well and when poorly.
  • One of us tries to close his eyes and ignore the voice of conscience, trying to simplify the concept of well-being, excluding from him such important aspects as generosity, respect and self-respect.
Learn to listen to the voice of conscienceDaily listen to the voice of his conscience is a very healthy habit, which ennobles our inner world.

Whatever happens in your life, don't forget these simple recommendations:

  • If your conscience is telling you to leave, not stay.
  • If the voice of conscience calls for the truth, do not look for support in the lies.
  • When conscience calls on defense, helping hand, don't leave in trouble.
  • If asked to stay and help, don't go.
  • When conscience calls you to risk, don't worry. published 

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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