5 facts about how red and blue control your life

Imagine that somewhere, no matter where, there is a huge button, clicking on which you can activate the beginning of the Day of Judgment, and smash the hell out of the whole planet.

Try to imagine the button. Presented? What color is it?

Almost 100% of people it will be red. And not just because this color is associated in our respective traffic light and various alarming signs. In two colors - red and blue - our body responds to such a mysterious way that science still throws up his hands.

In different situations, red and blue can ...

1. To give you an unfair advantage h2>

During the Olympic Games of 2004, it was estimated that the most points from the judges gave the athletes dressed in red. Especially in contact sports such as boxing, taekwondo, or Greco-Roman wrestling. A separate study has been devoted to how the judges evaluated the red and blue Taekwondo fighters, and then how to change their assessment when viewing records of the same games, with the only difference that the colors have been replaced by computer to the contrary. It turned out that the athletes in the red by 13% more likely to get a point.

And if you think that the "power" red due to the fact that we are from childhood used to seeing red warning signs and fire engines, then why monkeys react to this color is about the same as we do?

In one experiment, the researchers fed the monkeys, dressed alternately in red, blue and green clothes. With green and blue were no problems. But on the red shirts monkeys reacted as if they were offered a dinner of pure poison. Red means danger for them. A danger - is in some sense and strength, and power.

Confirmations magical power you can find a lot of red - is just to look around. Take, for example, lipstick. It's no secret that a woman with bright red lipstick on the lips of men awarded special attention.

If you think that you do not red lipstick goes - wear a red blouse. Research has shown that waitresses in red blouses men were given 14, 6-26, 1% more than the tip. Scientists associated with such generosity that red "is associated with estrogen levels, and health." In other words, the red color of women's clothing at a subconscious level indicates its readiness to mate. What (himself without realizing it) a man is willing to pay more tips.

Moreover, red blouse even lowers his IQ, because this color ...

2. Affects mental abilities h2>

True true! It turns out that if you look at the red before the test like IQ, its level will be lower. And quite significantly.

Students who solve puzzles on ingenuity in red environment, cope with the task much worse, because the color to set them more cautious. When all the red circle, people subconsciously trying to avoid complex and ambiguous situations; and if you are on the alert all the time and wait for a dirty trick, you find it difficult to think productively.

In that case, what color will help restore calm and discretion? The same that occurs before the eyes, when we say "cold" -that is blue. The researchers asked 600 participants in the experiment perform test items that were displayed on the computer screen with blue, white and red background. If the answer to the question needed to be creative, the participants before the blue screen coped twice better than those that sat in front of the red.

No, looking at red, the man does not become stupid. During this same study participants who got a red screen, a 31% better coped with correcting grammatical errors in the text and the decision anagrams (Rearrange the letters of a certain word in which obtained another word; approx. Mixstuff.ru). Red is good for solving problems that require attention to detail - it generally attracts attention.

Why blue "pushes the horizons" of our thinking, and the red of his narrows and concentrates? Although scientists can not yet give an exact answer, but it seems obvious to us - is associated with the blue sky and the sea - two huge open spaces.

But all this applies to the brain. What about the body? It turns out that the red ...

3. It makes you physically stronger h2>

The red color can really help you to become faster and stronger. In one experiment, students were asked to try their hand using dynamometer. This visual signals fed to the red, gray and blue background. When the background was red, young people compress the spring faster and stronger.

Although blue is usually has an effect opposite of red, research, and found him quite a few amazing properties:

Blue light helps you to wake up ... even if you're blind. You do not even need to "see" this light, it changes the chemical processes in your body, even if you do not notice.

In our eyes, there are receptors that perceive light, but not directly related to the vision. When these receptors detect light, especially blue, then start to suppress the production of the hormone melatonin, which helps us fall asleep.

Furthermore. People who pass the test for memorization, achieved the best results in a brightly lit room with a predominance of blue light spectrum. Those who sat in front of LED screens, emits blue light, in some cases, the results showed an improvement of almost 70%!

Unfortunately, the new electronic devices using light of a shorter "blue" wave - is easier on the eyes and more productive. Unfortunately - because blue light can cause insomnia.

Speaking of how the body reacts to light: the correct wavelength can ...

4. Heal you h2>

Different frequencies of light waves and the truth can help in the healing of the body's cells. Especially a lot of research on this subject conducted by specialists from NASA.

They found out what happens when we substitute their precious cells light near-infrared (this is just beyond visible red light) and developed a technology called HEALS, which allowed restore the health of human cells by using radiation wavelength of light. This device has tried to use in the treatment of burns, diabetic ulcers on the skin, and more, and have achieved impressive results.

Particularly successful was the treatment of lesions of the oral mucosa. From these painful ulcers suffer from 5 to 15% of cancer patients after radiotherapy sessions. NASA found that only two weeks of light therapy for 88 seconds a day leads to pain relief in 96% of cases.

In blue, too, have some trump cards. It is extremely unpleasant for bacteria and can "cool" seething passion.

5. And finally, color affects what you buy h2>

When companies spend millions on it to draw the logo and colors to choose for him, then do not do it because they have nowhere else to put money. All this is done in order to properly press on with you our colored "buttonsĀ».

Take, for example, online shopping. It turns out that people are willing to buy food at the pages with red background - but only when they see a really competitive product, which can buy at a profit.

On the other hand, if you think that your product is no competition, the red will push the buyer somehow cheat the seller - the whole process of it can be taken as a game where there is a winner and losers. In any case, it will be cautious and look for an opportunity to capitalize on.

It is quite another thing, if the page background - blue. He awakens in man the generosity and desire to do more shopping.

In addition, the experience of shopping and several different studies have shown that blue environment often encourages customers to spend their money now, at least to delay purchases until later and in general to show greater determination in choosing products.

People obviously attract bright and warm colors, but, nevertheless, cool shades of blue and green most people seem to be positive and pleasant. They create a sense of security.

And is not that blue as the color for the advertising triggered at 100% of the cases - depending on the product. Since red makes us vigilant and careful, the company used it to promote products that are designed to "fight" with anything, there are ants or cockroaches.

But if your product is to "prevent" and "protect" the blue handle it the best way possible.

Or even simpler: if you want to scare - packed in red. Do you want people to think you are better than you really are? Even the saviors of the universe? Choose blue, can not go wrong.

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