When a woman tell yourself the truth

When a woman tell yourself the truth about his wound – then learns what kind of medicine it requires

If a woman learns chronically incorrect behavior again and again doing the things that don't bring you satisfaction, do not saturate with life force, and lead to loss of strength, it is, in fact, causing himself even more damage, because originally the injured state is not facilitated, and each new trick she put on her new wounds.


It's like smear the ointment on the nose, when the wound is on the hand. Different women choose different improper means. Some choose the obvious evil, such as bad company, destructive to the body or soul of the excesses that first exalt the woman in heaven, but then dropped down even below the initial level.

To prevent wrong choice, there are several tools. If a woman could look into his own heart, she would have read that you must respect his talents, talents and limitations, taking the other.


Therefore, in order to begin the path to healing, stop deluding yourself, to convince yourself that a small portion of useless, though pleasant to the taste of the drugs can help cure a broken leg. Tell yourself the truth about his wound – then you will know what kind of medicine it requires. Do not put to waste what's easiest or closest at hand. Get the right tool. You'll recognize it by the fact that from it your life will get stronger, and not faint. published

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