Health point: This procedure will give courage and energy for the whole day

This procedure will give you energy and will give you energy for the whole day. It will help relieve fatigue after a sleepless night, petanidou the face, improve blood circulation and energy.

It can be performed not only in the morning, but also throughout the day.

This massage takes very little time, and the only tool you need is your fingers.

Most of us love the morning soak in the warm bed. However just lie in bed in the morning is very harmful.

Let's try to combine business with pleasure.

Night your body is rested, in the morning he was still asleep, and, to finally Wake him up, begin to gently stretch. You've probably seen how a cat stretches. Your movements should be as soft, smooth and careful. Try to stretch naturally, without strain. Strong strain cold muscles can cause them to lock, and you risk to cause pain or cramps.

After try start to caress hands your body, lightly rubbing the skin until you feel a pleasant warmth.

Then proceed to massage the face.

  • Cover your face with your palms (put it in your hands) as children do when playing hide and seek.
  • Your thumbs will be on the cheeks, and the rest will cover the eye socket near the nose.
  • Without removing his hands from his face, slowly move them up to the hair and crown, smoothing the forehead skin.
  • Next, lower them down on both sides of the face, lightly rubbing his ears.
  • At the end of the massage the palm of your hand connects on his chin.
  • Return arms to starting position and repeat 10 times in a circular motion (Fig. 6).

During the massage keep your palms from your face.

Ending this short session, take a moment to feel the rush of heat and energy to the face.

You are full of vivacity and energy for the coming day!

Go to the bathroom to continue the massage.

  • Wash first with hot water followed by cold water.

Face and body also needs to get a charge of vivacity.

This firming and Wellness procedure will allow you to better tolerate the cold, and you will be less prone to colds. published


From the book, bin Zhong "Chinese Reflexology. The Point Of Health And Beauty"

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