This stimulating and rejuvenating treatment is indispensable for those who are over 40

Oil massage is a powerful stimulating, toning, cleansing and rejuvenating procedure. It is extremely useful for people at any age, but especially when you are over forty.

Oil massageslows down and corrects the aging process, increases life expectancy, normalizes sleep and metabolic processes in the skin and activities of all internal organs, eliminates congestion in the body and even sharpens your eyesight.

Its comprehensive effect is due to the fact that during the massage stimulates biologically active points, located on the entire surface of the skin, in internal organs and body in General. Such impacts are beneficial for the skin. Oil, deeply penetrating into the pores of the skin, soften it and make it more elastic. Moreover, released during the massage toxins are removed with the oil when washing.

Self-massage is recommended to perform daily rates for two weeks. But, if you follow the principles of medical astrology and Ayurvedic medicine, preferably during periods of highest sensitivity of the organism, namely for 4-6 weeks to choose around the dates: 15 March, 15 June, 15 October at any time during the 6-th and 12-th months from the day of your birth in the days before the new moon or the full moon and after them, as well as in the days of your birth.

"Self-massage with oil is not recommended for elevated temperature "massage Oil for the winter should be warm and in summer cold. In the summer it is advisable to use olive and sunflower oil, and in winter, peanut, sesame, mustard, corn, almond. Prepare the massage oil just pour into a glass jar 1 litre of the chosen oil and heat it in a water bath throughout 20 minutes after boiling water. Then cool the oil and pour about 50 ml (3 tablespoons) in a flat dish, e.g. a saucer.


Soak in oil your fingers and actively massage your hands and wrists. Re-moisten your fingers, apply the oil on scalp and RUB his hands in a circular motion until the feeling of heat. The roots of the hair needs to be saturated with oil.

Next, apply the oil on the face and neck. Massage over face, then neck throughout its length. Dipping fingers in oil, massage the foot and each toe. Last RUB well forearms, shoulders, chest, back, stomach, pelvis, femur and tibia. During the massage the body must warm up and a little blush.

When complete, rinse the butter under a shower using bath soap or gel. Draining body with a towel, do not try to completely remove all the oil. The effect of the procedure would be stronger if, after the oil massage and warm shower, you will pour cold water, but do it quickly to avoid hypothermia!

Self-massage with oil is not recommended for elevated temperature, in case of any disorders of the stomach and intestines, with excessive weight (2-3 times normal). Not it is also useful for people prone to overeating.

If you for some reason inconvenient to do massage in the morning, you can choose a different time, but it should be done no earlier than 2 hours after the last meal and not later than 2 hours before bedtime, as the massage has a tonic. Before going to sleep you can massage your feet – this treatment calms. You can do full body massage and massage only the hands, neck, chest, and feet.

After the massage, you'll feel the warmth, cheerfulness. You return long lost feeling of a healthy body. Significant changes related to the harmonization of metabolic processes and healing properties of this procedure will be noticeable in the body after 2-3 weeks of regular massage.


This massage can be done both independently and with a partner (partner). I recommend to use olive oil, made from almond or grape seed. For a relaxing effect (also as aromatherapy) add a few drops of lavender oil.


1. Position your hands on either side of the face at the base of the neck; then do the slow stroking up towards his forehead.


2. Caressing movements massage the area under the chin. The arms move alternately upward movement – moving Pat.


3. Place on the middle of the forehead, big toes, then slowly move them towards the temples.


4. Edges of the palms, touching his forehead only by the little fingers, gently RUB the skin of the face between the eyebrows (as if performing a sawing motion).


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