9 incredible properties of raisins, which I didn't know anybody! Just a handful of dried fruit a day will protect from cancer.

Who would have thought that those little shriveled grapes are a storehouse of vitamins! But about the healing properties of raisins been known in Ancient China. You won't believe, but he was one of the most expensive gifts on a par with silk and crockery! Its value lies in the nutrients and minerals that help to maintain and improve health.

Read this article to know, benefits of raisins and why is his need to immediately add to your diet.

Use raisins for the body
  1. For good vision

    In raisins contain beta-carotene and other carotenoids, vitamins, calcium and other trace elements. These substances are very important for eye health. They slow down age-related weakening of vision, and also have anti-inflammatory effect. Ten million fifty six thousand two hundred thirty two

  2. Cancer prevention

    Some raisins in the juice or for a healthy dessert will reduce the risk of developing cancerous tumors. This dried fruit are phenolic compounds, which kill and inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

    Four million nine hundred ninety thousand six hundred twenty two

  3. Relieves constipation

    High fiber content in raisins promotes good digestion. That is why it is an indispensable tool for people who have problems with bowel movements. Seventy two million eight hundred seventy five thousand eight hundred sixty

  4. Prevention of diseases of the nervous system

    A large amount of boron in the dried fruit helps to improve coordination, memory and concentration. Sixty five million one hundred seventy five thousand six hundred eighty two

  5. Prevention and treatment of anemia

    Black raisins are very high in iron and vitamin b, the lack of which causes anemia. That is another reason add the raisins in its menu. The more that half a Cup of dried fruit contains 5% of the daily value of iron. Fifty one million one hundred thousand ninety six

  6. Weight control

    If you're on a diet, this delicacy can completely replace the usual sweets. Raisins are a source of energy and saturation, so is perfect for a healthy snack. Fifty million nine hundred nine thousand one hundred nine

  7. Dental health

    The fiber in the product cleans the teeth, strengthens the gums, and acid fight bacteria in the mouth. It helps to strengthen teeth and prevents tooth decay. Thirty six million one hundred sixty two thousand one hundred thirty three

  8. Lowering cholesterol

    With raisins, you can reduce the cholesterol level in a natural and healthy way. It positively affects the cardiovascular system. Eighty four million five hundred sixty eight thousand two hundred ninety eight

  9. Sexual activity

    Scientists have proved that raisins has valuable properties that help in sexual life for both men and women. So, it is used for erection problems, and also to excite and stimulate the libido.

    Seventy seven million one hundred seventy eight thousand five hundred eleven

So a generous portion of raisins can improve health and prevent disease! He is the champion by quantity of vitamins and minerals.

Take care of your body and share these helpful facts about raisins with your friends.

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