No snacking! How much and how to eat

"The day you need to eat 2 to 4 times. And no snacks". Conversation with a specialist in management of health, candidate of medical Sciences Andrey Blueskins.

— Today a lot is said about the products, but that misses the most important is the diet and when we eat. The time factor may be different: how many times a day by the time we eat, how much time passes from the first to the last meal of the day whether we're eating in small portions or full full much net time between meals.

Our gut is not just a barrel into which we throw-mechanical products. The process of digestion regulate a variety of hormones, and the levels of these hormones that affect the absorption of the products at different times of the day. In the morning, for example, when we Wake up, more of the stress hormone cortisol in the evening it becomes much less. And the level fluctuations of these hormones depends on the process of distribution of products.

— Ie, I'd eat cheese in the morning and I'd eat cheese in the evening — it is differently metabolized?

Not quite. Learned it about the same. He just night and day different will affect the hormones, and they in turn into the metabolism.For example, fast carbs in the morning will help you to effectively replenish glycogen stores in the liver are depleted during the night. But the same carbs later in the evening will reduce the level of growth hormone, which is responsible for the fat burning and muscle growth.

— In this case, it is preferable to eat in the morning and evening?

— Here much depends on whether a person has a substantial physical activity and what they are. The saying "bread around the head" was relevant then, when the farmer worked in the fields all day and burned the plow a minimum of 6,000 kcal. So now the average burn semi-professional athlete. But if we take the average office worker, which is twice a week for an hour goes to the gym for the lesson, it additionally burns only 500 calories. It day burn calorie will not over 3,000 calories. Therefore, he needs to eat at least two times less than the same farmer from the past or semiprofessional athlete. The more a person exercise, the more carbohydrates in the diet it can safely afford.

Some fitness trainers in the morning is recommended to consume cereals, but this tip can work well only for themselves — because they train all day, and not to act for you — because you sit all day in the office, and the fate of the same cereal in your body will be different. The only exceptions are those cases where in the morning you go to the gym or perhaps the pool.

For an office worker it is best main for Breakfast to make proteins, combining them with a moderate amount of vegetables. The body has nowhere to store amino acids, so it is forced to "cool" and burn them. Here is the energy that gets people.


— I.e. people, who like the owl, but the situation forces him to be a lark, have to get up even earlier to cook myself for Breakfast and steamed fish with vegetables?

— The most simple — it can be the inclusion of a double boiler with a single click. On one layer of the fish, the second to vegetables. Included — 25 minutes, and you are all set.


— What products need to be used to for a long time didn't feel like eating?

— Most, in my opinion, the best option is legumes. Enough protein in them, plus they have the effect of a second meal. They perfectly stabilize fluctuations in blood sugar. After legumes, if you eat enough of them, no desire to snack. The main problem with them is that they need to cook (be sure to soak overnight in a warm place) and choose the ones that are right for you. Because there are instances that a person does not carry red bean, it swells out, and lentils goes with a Bang. Prepare them, you can soup, porridge with greens or something like hummus made from chickpeas.


Also good whole grains. The Belarusian budget option — the oats whole. The night before cooking you need to soak. He is slowly digested for a long time and maintains a state of satiety. Eat better at lunch, so you consistently without snacking could wait for dinner.

— And what about snacks?

— Snacks and mesocyclone is a very serious threat for the figure and not only. Their danger is not just that they disrupt hormones. Many people do not attach importance to how important clean between meals. Snacking under stress masked the binding and the stimulation itself, fatty-sweet-salty of the nature of addiction.

Often people simply do not eat enough at main meals. So they want to eat. We are afraid of feeling of saturation, because all thoughts are broadcast, that from the table you need to go slightly hungry and start eating when you're not really hungry. These indications imply that a person should be constant and not hungry and not fed, and is in a sort of polupoltina condition. I think all this is nonsense.


There are simple rules: you need to work up an appetite; to eat when you have physiological hunger; and to get up from the table when you are sure that you ate. There is a caveat: if we eat without feeling hungry, any way we will move. The feeling of fullness it is possible to catch only when you sit down at the table hungry. Only against the background of hunger, you can understand that after eating, you are sufficiently fed.

There was a study. Took two groups of people: some ate only when hungry really, the second is strictly by the hour. Calorie food all the same. The first group lost weight, the second remained in the same weight.
When we are hungry, the body seems to be saying that he has a place in the liver and muscles to glycogen, and those calories that we eat, they'll go where it should: in the muscles, liver... And if we don't want to eat and eat the same calories, they go to fat.


— When is the best time to eat fruit?

— As you know, I'm against snacking. Therefore recommend eating fruit in the main meal as a dessert.


— Ie in the morning I eat protein and veggies at lunch I eat whole grains or beans, and for dinner?

— The main requirement for the dinner you should sleep before you get to the hunger, this can be either an early or a full dinner. When you have not calculated, the hunger hormone ghrelin will not give you normal sleep. When we fall asleep, our body berestavitsa and safely burns fat, and hunger tormented us. And snacks in the evening inflict much more tangible damage to the metabolism than snacking during the day. Therefore, it is better to eat 3-4 hours before bedtime.

For example, I usually eat twice a day. Tightly dinner at about 14.00, and that is enough for me for the whole day. In the days when I exercise or walk a lot, — eat dinner.

More healthy is the desire there in the first half of the day, but not the second. To fail in this rhythm leads the world. Extended daylight hours, particularly led light bulbs, gadgets, and monitors, inhibits the release of melatonin (sleep hormone and long life) and blocks burning brown fat. The body believes that day, and the day he needs to eat. So in the evening, dim low light and the good old incandescent bulbs, as well as computer glasses, which reflect the excess blue spectrum from the monitors. You can install a free program like f.lux, which will automatically do the evening on your monitor.

Remember that your health is in your own hands. And even small lifestyle changes can significantly improve it. What to do? Listen to your body and learn to health. In basic rules mode, food, physical activity easy to understand. That's what I do — teach health. Learn to eat correctly, everyone can. published

Text: Antonina Zinovenko

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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