A SECRET for two

Did you know that there is in the relationship secrets that have literally become a plane for two? His vision with readers says Irina Krivolapova.

A plane that can not only take the relationship to a new level, but also to deliver, loving people exactly where they want.

What kind of plane? This plane is called CLARITY.

Clear ability to convey their feelings, thoughts and actions of man. And the problem is 100% female.

Feelings, deep and multifaceted, often is completely dependent on external factors. Thoughts are often like a tangle of messed-up threads. In which thread, such as Flowers, are inextricably linked with the thread of self-worth. Or thread of Clothing associated with a thread of Confidence.

Men, on the contrary, socks is just socks. Sweater clothes for winter, not a way to Express your mood. So what happens inside the woman is a mystery.

In relationships, the woman expects understanding and acceptance of his nature. So she is extremely sensitive and anticipates the desires and feelings of others, and to yourself waiting for the same treatment.

Not getting it from men, she withdraws and moves to the formation of the claims within. At this time, the background in my head often sounds dialogue:

  • do not understand me;

  • didn't appreciate my efforts;

  • was selfish;

  • all now will say nothing to him;

  • on the question of what happened, the answer is usually "Nothing. Everything is fine".

Man this stage is dumbstruck, because outwardly normal atmosphere began to become hell. The reason he was not told what to do is not clear. Some men in this case may not be influenced by women's feelings, can continue to be close, to embrace, while the heart of the beloved to thaw. The other, which happens more often get aggressive defending their psyche from emotional tension.

The solution in this situation — to clarify their relationship. And the task is to bring into relationship the clarity, clearness and understanding, lies on the woman.

That a woman can do to make her understand the man?

1. Stop expecting 100% understanding of all the intricacies of his soul from a man. It was not and likely will not.

2. Accept the fact that in relations man - woman, woman are you, not a partner. The expectation that you will understand and feel can be equated to waiting for another woman in the relationship.

3. Learn to understand your feelings. This means that I know exactly what feeling I am experiencing. It's anger, resentment, disappointment, elation, embarrassment, envy, regret or joy? If I understand their own feelings, to be able to transfer them to another? Or waiting for me to understand and help them to live? Perhaps this expectation of maternal/paternal role from the partner.

4. And the last, most relevant.

If you imagine what is happening inside of the woman painting with bright colors, multiple layers in 3D quality, the objective of women is to bring this same picture in the same quality to his men. To pass all the colors and undertones, shades of its reality, and is not limited to one word "I am sorry".

The clarity of images of female reality in the men's - task No. 1 for women in relationships. This will save you from unnecessary expectations and help make your life easier and more interesting.

Author: Irina Krivolapova, especially for


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Source: Irina Krivolapova


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