As for 2 months to regain 8 inches. Step by step instructions recovery.

Almost every girl wants to have beautiful long hair. But such wealth for a night not to grow, isn't it? Hair — an indisputable symbol of femininity, especially long. This is a great reflection of the personality that you want to be able to appreciate.

How to recover velociware beauty and health are serious enough, so we're going to approach it from a scientific point of view. The hair growth cycle consists of three phases. Each of them has its own characteristics that affect the pace and quality of growth.

According to scientists, human hair grows about 1-1. 5 cm per month. Accordingly, 40 additional inches of your hair will require a minimum of three years of work.

Very often patience is lost somewhere halfway to the desired length. The hair begins to split from the pins and rubber bands, too damaged plates and irons. You decide: some other time. And heading to the hairdresser, and so fast to grow hair and failed.

In fact, a lot of effort from you is required. You need to start with proper nutrition. For your proper growth of hair taken from the body substances such as calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D. Your task is to provide continuous, adequate supply.

In addition to the food, you need to pay attention to the external factors that have a permanent effect on your hair. Now we will deal with them.

  1. A good shampoo

    Begin using shampoos and conditioners on a natural basis. Avoid products with the addition of sulfates, silicones and sodium lauryl sulfate.

  2. The correct mode of washing

    Contrary to popular belief, the head does not need to wash too frequently, 2-3 times a week would be sufficient.

  3. Low temperature

    Hair breakage can be prevented, if to rinse them with cool water instead of hot.

  4. Good comb

    To comb tangled hair, use a soft round brush. How to pick up a comb, solve, depending on hair type. Ideal — natural bristles. Thick, strong hair suit stiff bristles. For thin and damaged hair softer pick material. Never comb wet hair, they will start to split. With metal combs to be careful, they can injure themselves tresses and scalp.

  5. Trimming the tips

    From time to time to go to the hairdresser to cut the tips exfoliate. So the hair will all grow and gain length.

  6. Nutrition

    Consider again a factor whose importance is difficult to overestimate. Diet affects the mineral content in your body. Hair build their structure on the basis of these substances. Make sure the diet is constantly present sources of protein. Fish, nuts, poultry, hard cheeses, legumes — all of which help hair grow healthy and strong.

  7. Clean water

    Lack of water can cause dehydration. Dehydration, in turn, negatively affects the structure of the hair and skin. Drink every day enough water. Tea, coffee and other liquids, this quantity is not included.

Their secrets we shared. And tell you us how you can accelerate hair growth. Do not forget to share interesting tips with friends in social networks!

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