6 things you should never do to men

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Every girl wants simple female happiness. Meanwhile in relationships women often assume a male role, excessive sacrifice, and thus lay in the relations time bomb.

We at the Website decided to find out what things under no circumstances women should not do for men.

Try to solve all the problems for him

Even if your chosen there are constant difficulties with money, he's fired, and the new he allegedly could not remember, work can always be found, and if a man wants not only to fulfill your potential, but also understands what it takes to feed a family, and a loader to work before gaining international fame. The trouble is that if you get in the habit to solve all the problems of the beloved, courage, your partner definitely will not, and you risk becoming a workhorse that pulls all on itself. Such harmonious relationship is not exactly call.

To give him every time expensive gifts

It is better if the gifts in pairs are equivalent. It makes no sense to give your beloved a portfolio of Python or to buy a car, if he favors you with another food processor. First, attempt to conquer a man with money, is not likely to lead to success, on the contrary, expensive gifts you can only push it, especially if he himself such a luxury can not afford. Second, if you got an unscrupulous representative of the stronger sex, love can turn to use.

To be his pillow

In contrast to the female half of humanity, the man behind sorry for him feelings of love not fear. That is, simply speaking, constantly complaining about life it will be you, and to meet and, characteristically, playing wedding with others. Women often think that this is a sign of deep relationship, you are unhappy and lonely, pulled from the depths of despair. But, remember the infamous little Mermaid: saved Prince she and married he on the other.

A wise woman will always listen, support, give advice, inspire and give strength for new feats. To be the companion of man applies both to the rear. And this is one of the secrets of a happy relationship.

To utter the phrase "I told you so!"

Even if you are a hundred times right. Even if you are right a million times and you warned him, warned and told how it was necessary, and he did. There is nothing more provocative than the phrase "I told you so!" First, you proved to be smarter than he is, secondly, called him on it. This is a very tactlessly. Any man should feel himself important. Stressing everytime its superiority, it is difficult to expect harmonious relations.

To refuse personal life and career

Unfortunately, if we devote all life only to man, children and household cares to us quickly losing interest in our beloved. Sooner or later he will want, first, to be alone, and secondly- to look at a beautiful woman.

If you are married, this does not mean you have to abandon friends, work and other nice things for you. On the contrary, the more varied and fuller your life will be like outside the family, the more you will drag your half. But again, don't forget: all you need to know the measure.

To change the appearance only for the sake of the man

Yes, we women are passionate about change. But if the cardinal change of image insists your lover, and you have his idea of inspiration is not cause — it is time to reflect. To cut or grow his hair just because he felt like it? A loving man will not require changes, and the more deliberately to spoil your self-esteem. If he makes it, think: could that be your man?

At the same time, if we are talking about the little things that you can implement without damage to itself, is that it certainly won't hurt your relationship, on the contrary, will strengthen the emotional bond.

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