25 photos that will show where the silence of the cities

The hustle and noise of the big cities we capture so that we almost forget that somewhere there are vast expanses, lakes and forests, full of peace and beauty, such that it is difficult to put into words. There everything falls into place: that peace, gentle and beautiful, and here I am, my family. And nothing else!

The website has collected fresh pictures of photographers and travelers from around the world, which you will not see the crowded streets. Everything about them breathes peace and, most importantly, silence.

In the mountains, we are closer to the present than in the cities.


"Enjoy the Silence". Fishing hut on Obersee lake in Germany.

Foggy sunrise on the lakes of the Polish Silesia. (More lake photos of Marcin Sobas here).

The majestic Blue mountains of Australia, which travel those who want to look at the world from a height.

One of the most beautiful lakes in Europe — lake bled in Slovenia.

Forest road, black Spur (Black Spur Drive) in the wet forest of Australia.

Glacial moraine lake in Banff national Park (Canada) at dawn. (More photos from travels Andrew Scudera see here).

Bear running across the desert road in the canadian Jasper national Park. (More photos of Katherine Simard, who left for travel modeling career, will find here).

"King of the hill". Scenic mountain valley of Glencoe in Scotland.

One of nature's wonders is the third largest cave in the world hang-Yong (Hang En) in Vietnam.

The house in the winter forest, Massachusetts, USA.

A lake in Alberta, Canada.

Endless fields of lupine — a gentle smile harsh nature of Iceland.

Forest waterfall in Oregon.

Fascinating and sad a gloomy combination of nature and abandoned houses in Sweden. (More — instagram Britt M.).

Thousands of distant suns and galaxies in the clear winter sky.

Alpine mountain lake.

Canadian Alberta — in these harsh places they filmed "Survivor".

"To walk where only the wind Yes I am!" Lake superior in the United States.

Skyscrapers Of Greenland.

Whenever you postpone the trip to Kamchatka, you know that somewhere out there a sad one bear...

The moon rises over the Norwegian fjords. In these places it looks extremely huge.

Abandoned forest house inspected last dreams under the moon.

Alleys of foggy Cape of point Reyes in California. (Even more beautiful away from the cities — in pictures of Matt GI).

Emerald zero Braies in the Dolomites of Italy, which keeps you cool even on a hot day.

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