The way you Wake up in the morning, a lot about who you tell

"People do not appreciate the morning. Through the power Wake up to the ringing of the alarm clock which breaks up their sleep like the blow of an axe, and forthwith indulge in sad vanity. Tell me, how can a day that has started such a violent act!What should happen with people who everyday use the alarm clock receive a small electric shock! They are day by day getting used to the violence and day-to-day are weaning ourselves off of enjoyment."
Milan Kundera, "Waltz goodbye" As you Wake up in the morning? The easy way or try to sleep as long as possible?Twenty million three hundred sixty five thousand one hundred fifteen

Psychologists have found that people with bad life motivation, lack of joy from living a life of meaning and purpose in life has no desire to get up in the morning. It is also difficult to Wake up those people who have something they do not like. This may be the worst job or a difficult relationship, upcoming test, which did not want to, or maybe just scared or excess weight! A lot of options.

If you find yourself with problems such as difficult recovery, the constant state of fatigue and drowsiness, I recommend to look deeper into your inner world.

To make it not so difficult.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • what exactly bothers me or don't like about my life right now?
  • what is the meaning and what is my purpose in life for the long term and in the near future?
  • as I allow the unpleasant and unwanted things present in my life, like support this?
I'm sure as a result of this introspection, you will learn a lot about yourself, and you'll be able to even acknowledge something that is not very much like "open your eyes" in the morning. And, as you know, awareness of the problem is already 50% solution to the difficulty.

The next important issue to resolve problems with the upgrades will be: what do I do now that I realized about myself?

Eleven million seven hundred fifteen thousand six hundred twenty nine

Make a plan that will help you change your life to suit you. However, if after you have done the efforts, the issue is closed, it should not be excluded purely physiological problems, i.e., needs to be examined by a qualified physician. Still, not all diseases and ailments is psychosomatic.

If your health is fine, but there is no change, then perhaps you should optimise for help to a psychologist, person who will help to find out the real causes of your condition and guide your efforts in the right direction. published 

Author: Olga Ilchenko


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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