15 funny stories about how people made an offer hands and hearts

The website has collected 15 cases in which the most exciting moment in the life of every lover walked a bit of the standard scenario.

  • One summer a young man was hit by heavy rain and ran to the nearest, as it turned out the wedding shop. The rain was heavy and seem to long, and nothing better to do I decided to try on a wedding dress. The guy saw me in tears and made an offer. We met just a month.
  • Today, after four years of a romantic relationship, I finally made the girl a proposal of marriage, in response to which I heard: "whoa-Whoa-whoa, kid, palehche".
  • One day something happened, what fate I was not prepared. I and my young man was sitting in a small Chinese eatery in which even no toilet. But while eating I suddenly felt that I urgently need it, because of what I stopped eating and became strongly fidget on the chair. Recalling abdominal pain and need to go, I persuaded the guy to go home. I almost failed in their mission, but right before the entrance I realized that I could no longer hold on and, for some reason, loudly shouting: "it's Time!", despair ran to the nearest Bush and also despair suffered its Chinese fiasco. This story ended that the next day my boyfriend proposed to me because, according to him, now he knows too much about me to be just a guy.
  • Even though I work as a Deputy Director in a large company, at heart I'm a natural geek. The work is necessary to fly a lot. During climb the plane to entertain myself, and at the same time do not understand the companions that says mysterious numbers from the TV series "Lost": 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. A year ago, during takeoff the flight Moscow — Munich once again, pronouncing these numbers, I heard my roommate mutters: "It's adventure time!". I made her an offer.
  • My boyfriend is just one day I said: "In August nothing plan, we have an event!". I didn't plan. But and did not understand.

  • Last New year I wished that my boyfriend made me an offer hands and hearts. On the twelfth stroke I burned the note and threw it in a glass and quickly drank. The guy, knowing that I basically weird, didn't pay attention to what I carefully dozhevyvaete ash pulled out a ring and got down on one knee... and I just screamed, "What? So fast?!"
  • My young man to the question: "If we were married, do you think what we could have family?" he said to me: "We are too early to talk about it, because we are only three months of Dating." I agreed with him, but inside was somehow sad.

    The next day I go to work, and suddenly hits on me Gypsy offer to tell fortunes. And Gypsy is weird, embellished, a transvestite similar. I try to get away, and she is not far behind. Then I said, "Yes, go you know where! Otherwise hit". And she calmly replied with a smile and a familiar voice: "go, Go. Just ring their take — hands me the ring box. — We will have fun family. Not boring".
  • I decided to make his sweetheart offer. Together we have 7 years. Come in an expensive restaurant. At my request, the waiter hid the engagement ring in cake. And what was my surprise when the girl, recognizing the ring, not for a moment hesitate to decide that it has lost the chef during cooking, and went to return it.
  • I'm so tired to wait your boyfriend's offer to marry, made it myself. He said, "I think". The next day on the way home I saw dozens of tough guys on motorcycles riding down the street and suddenly stopped right in front of me. One of them with a bouquet of roses got down on one knee and proposed to me. I said, "at least take off your Helmet". While my future husband was off the helmet, he dropped and lost the ring. Then all the passers-by saw a funny picture: a dozen brutal bikers, abandoning their motorcycles, crawling on the sidewalk, scrutinizing the pavement. God, I love this guy!

  • Husband proposed to me unexpectedly, just said with some unjustified confidence: "Pick a number between 1 and 1000, guess — get married now!" And it was the biggest miracle in my life — he implicitly guessed the number. And Yes, I'm very glad.
  • We just rode with a friend in the subway, and I laughed at the fact that he didn't shave today, singing: "you Have a beard, I'll tell you Yes." And he jokingly started to ask a lot of questions that I will answer in rhyme repeated, "Yes." And then he made serious face and... "will you marry me?".
  • My dad agreed with the receptionist from the hostel to call mom and tell her evicted. And when my mother in tears asked to resolve the issue of housing, my dad came in a taxi with a bouquet, the keys to a new apartment and offer hands and hearts. Mom still doesn't know that this was a cunning plan.
  • My boyfriend wanted to ask my hand in an unusual way. He made the rolls and one of them put ring. In the end, he confused which roll the ring, and ate it myself.
  • And finally, a story that is better to do without friends:

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