20 Guys who brought a marriage proposal to a new level

Marriage proposal - is an important event not only in the lives of men who dared to take this step, but, of course, it is concerned about girls. Many may say that the main thing - it's not the way to announce their intention to create a family, and then how the rest of the whole of life. And, in general, that's right. But we still decided to tell you about the most original and romantic sentences ...

Now, the team "awesome" amazing footage collected from family albums of different people. Men can learn for ourselves something interesting from this list and use it later. And the unmarried girls just have to wait for her prince, who probably come up with something cooler!

She did not see what was going on behind her back until the pictures looked ...

This is really a surprise!

Excellent proposal in the sand.

«He opened the door in front of me, which led to the rink. There I saw the red carpet, and on it lay a ring! » I>

Sorry, dolphin, in my opinion, it is already occupied ...

«After the 5-kilometer race, he dropped to one knee and we decided to start his own race». i>

The proposal on the rock Potato Chip Rock (potato chips), California, USA.

«This romantic blew a hundred balls as in the cartoon" Up "and asked for my hand and heart!» i>

Offer based on the popular animated series.

But it was evident even from a plane ...

Street art ...

«My boyfriend plays in a band. When he asked me to come out from behind the scenes on the stage, I had no idea that he proposed to me in front of 7000 fans ». I>

«We went onto the pitch. Suddenly he began to play the violin and asked me to marry him ». I>

The proposal in the middle of the lake.

«We are surrounded by mountains. There was not a soul. It seemed to me that I was in dreamland ». I>

And all started so well ...

And yet the dog - man's best friend!

Offer trolltunga, Norway.

«I began to descend the cliff is quite steep, but Andrew began to say that this trip reminded him about our relationship, he got down on one knee and proposed to me». i>

«We were in the largest cave in the world. I got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend, with whom we have 6 years together, to be my wife ». I>


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