How to understand that this is YOUR man

Oh, the topic... Woe from wit! How to understand? Your inquisitive mind at once sets a trap, tempting you to run from this man, or the man really not yours, and escape the best possible solution?

How often trying to anticipate events, in fact you received is not the same result. Again you're thinking about, found some explanation, logic, and conclusions. Then thoughts went out, and again something went wrong. Relationships are not lined up. They broke down in the beginning or later, but every time again you stepped on the proverbial rake. What a vicious circle?

It would seem, is so much trial and error, mangled heap of firewood, and the result is the same – no relationship. Where is the light at the end of the tunnel? Familiar? Says Gauhar Takeova specifically for .

The most valuable advice I got from experts - stop thinking and start feeling.

But how? How to understand if you don't know? How to separate the brain from your body? Has anyone tried? How to live without a brain?

Us from childhood taught to be smart – "well done sweetie", "you're such a clever girl in class", "you are smart enough, you can do it" and a whole list of praising the mind and shines on you like a spotlight on life's journey. And that you live and know it's right. Thank the Universe for what you have created is an intelligent being unlike other diversity of nature.

But, why am I, such a smart woman, I can't find a solution for his own happiness? I have two higher education, a huge experience and a whole set of regalia. But, why can't I handle life?Why when it comes to myself, not enough brains?

And then brain the process runs at full capacity! He twists so that your head grows three-story box of cobwebs, and, without stopping, chanting: think, think, think again! And at some point, on one of the floors of this box is born has a sensible idea, but very fragile, like a barely-burning wick, blow out the endless swirl of quirky brain to go to the psychologist, the head is not completely clouded over. However, the brain doesn't give up, "and what good psychologists?", "where is the result of your previous trips?", "think better than to spend money!". Fortunately, even the brain there is a break for lunch, the main thing is not to miss this time and just bullet, gathered all the remaining strength to escape from his captivity, at least to get some fresh air and breathe.

Fortunately, psychologists know their stuff. Arranging you an unforgettable race for all floors usersinou boxes, so that it became hard to breathe, filled with oceans of tears, until you realize everything that has happened, will you heebie-jeebies and will not squeeze out, I feel sends home to ripen.

And this momentthe most fertile. The time of the adoption itself. Not that far-fetched, twisted, stranded utterly brain, but a real, feeling. Finally understanding the meaning of words: "what do you feel?", and do not think about that, think about it!

Heavens! Oh, the miracle of the 21st century! I made a discovery – I have learned to feel.

How ironic is it that a woman from a very early age learns a lot, starting from count and write. Solve complex problems in mathematics and physics. Develops long-term forecasts and plans. Creates all global documents, but may never learn to live. Because to live means to feel. And it's very feminine in the first place to feel.

And here is the new me — a woman who is able to feel and live your life through, learning to accept reality for what it is. Now I can diagnose their condition by asking yourself about how you feel and how it's nice and comfortable. Now you can look at your rebus in the face and solve it easily and also can easily share the experience.

Often ask yourself – what am I feeling?

When your friend took you by the hand, don't think about the fact that he took you to the left, not right that he awkwardly swept all five fingers, your gentle hand, like an excavator scooped out another portion of topsoil. Don't be sorry that you did not have time before going out to smear your hands with cream or, Oh God, I didn't correct the manicure either. Drop all this wisdom mind, ask yourself that magic question. If necessary, close your eyes to concentrate better, your friend will love it, he will think you are in the euphoria of the handshake.

Let's brain weekend!

Yes, exactly, don't let the brain to head and share you the answers, be honest with yourself, and then you'll give him a chance. At least you will live truly this moment, you will here and now and understand how it feels.

Check yourself for feelings!

If you have no friend, do not worry, can be very easy to conduct an experiment. Remember those things you often think or "scrolled" in the head. And even easier – take an example from the present, that's just in the morning, an hour ago, a minute. And try not to focus on the thoughts, and give vent to feelings. Feel free to ask yourself the question – what I'm feeling. This feeling is the key resource. How a woman feels, and lives.

Be curious! Try again!

Like any exercise, this experiment requires repetition and fixation. Try! The time will come when you this experiment will love. You will get pleasure from the fact that scan their feelings. And the more of the senses, having a brighter life.Remember the formula for living=feel. Once you learn to feel and live every moment of his life, I promise you will have something to share.


Author: Gauhar Tacuba, especially for


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

Source: Gauhar Takeova


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