Running in circles from yourself

Projection is when I look at the other person, see it as part of yourself, but not aware that it is my reflection. For the projection I of the other person can't see.

In life this is manifested in the fact that I attribute to another person the qualities, his desires, his vision of himself and the situation, for example, when I say, what the other person wants, what he cares about, what he wants, what his goals and how he treats me. And when the other voiced what he really wants and how it relates to what, I do not believe him.

The projection divides man in two, and helps to ensure that internal conflict comes from the outside. While I'm projecting, I'm talking to myself, are in a tin with a mirror inside the walls.

Projecting peculiar fear of loneliness along with the fear to open up to another person.

While I was in the mirror was a Bank, I'm not in contact with the outside world, I'm in a submarine, and all my impulses are doomed to end where it began. It's running in a circle from himself.

Integrity in this case is recovered by setting the projections, that is, if you catch yourself thinking and want for the other person, take the trouble to admit to myself, that I was just with herself and with the other turn, not him. And he generally knows what is in your head, you because the projection won't see anyway.

The more projections has, the more authentic and holistic people, and the easier it is to find a common language, mutual understanding with the other person.

Very often characterizes projective partner as cold, indifferent and ignoring. Actually it is projecting himself indifferent and do not see their projection of a living person, a cardboard stencil, and thus it will not understand the no feelings, no motives of his partner.Well, the partner is projecting will experience powerlessness before this monologue of his partner, to prove, show and tell is useless.published

Author: Anna Paulsen

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