As the bus I waited and waited... until wait!

Public transport in many cities is a big problem. It is scarce in the cabin too many passengers, and you can even room blindly confused to go all in the opposite direction from home... But the Website tells a curious story about how one woman was waiting for his bus and waited... for his trouble!

The other day I was returning from the store rather late. It's snowing outside, dark, I'm holding heavy packages. Home just two stops, but the weather is not conducive to walking, decided to go to the bus stop.

Look — the bus pulled up. Out of it comes a guy, I rush in and sit on his place. Suddenly I hear the voice of the driver:

— Well, let's go, goat bespectacled!

I of this arrogance, only his mouth opened. The driver started even rougher yelling at me, cursing already. I broke down, screaming in response:

— What is this? I complain about you will! Moreover, I can not wait for the bus, once an hour go, so more and insulted me! Let's go!

After a couple of minutes our altercation a guy comes up, opens the door, grabs me by the jacket and thrown out into the snow... I was Sitting in the snow, I almost cry... the Car drives off, I'm struggling to see the room and remember him, to complain to the transport service, and see the inscription on the rear door: "the Bank is so-and-so", and just below — "Russian Association of collectors".

Two stops from home with heavy bags, I ran, probably set a world record, was so afraid that the collectors will decide to deal with me...



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