From home to the subway - just three hours!

Residents of the area Kozhukhovo begin each morning with a fight for a place in the transport

Monday, seven in the morning. Kozhukhovo area. Bus stop on the street Rudnevka. From it, as far as the eye can see, the distance goes a very long queue. Every morning people run here from all over the area to sit in the bus and get to the metro station "Vykhino." Painting - oil even write!

 - Then to the subway 15 minutes to go from strength - says a resident of the district Elena. - But we get an hour and a half - terrible traffic jams! And another 30 minutes - 40 waiting for the bus.

Next to the first stage there is a second, smaller one. There catch privateers who take half a ruble from the nose.

There are two nearby and w / railway station - Koshino and Lyubertsy. Trains go from there to the Kazan railway station. But the bus to the station must still somehow climb. He alone, and wishing a hundred times more! That means we need to take to fight! Batter into the windshield of the driver to open the doors. Cursing. Beat his elbows on points. Crush one another's feet. And so every morning ...

 - Once the two women became ill on the bus - says pensioner Larisa M.. - We almost two o'clock trailed. Was stuffy ...

And in the evenings - the same thing, but in the opposite direction. Volgogradki and Ryazanka are, it seems, around the clock. In short, on the way people spend five (!) Hours a day. In the district council only sigh. Like, know about the problem, but quickly do nothing can.

 - We have no such decisions to cancel the cork - said the head of the district council Kosino Ukhtomsky Vyacheslav Kopylov. - Until the end of October will change some bus routes, bus is empty in the 9th district, and to the station Koshino. By 2010, hold a light metro Novokosino, branch stretched and Kozhukhovo. The only way out - the reconstruction of the platform Kosino and launching new high-speed trains. By the end of the year we will do it.

Kozhukhovo - a new neighborhood with brightly colored skyscrapers, fancy school, normal roads. Just who do need it, if you get out of here just unreal?

Why, he wondered, could not think normal transport scheme BEFORE populate Muscovites here ?! It was known that the daily Vyhino attracts residents Zhulebino, Novokosino, Ukhtomskogo.

But we, unfortunately, is always the same - first do, and then grabs his head ...

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