Young mother sued the hospital 300 thousand rubles

her firstborn eighteen Oksana Badanov Nekrasovka from birth to January 13 this year. Old New Year, Saturday ... Apparently, the doctors wanted to celebrate more than tinker with pervorodkoy.

 - I actually wanted to give birth in the perinatal center, - says Oksana, taking care to hand Daniel nine. Kid tips the head, breathing heavily, pulled out of his chest wheezing strong. At nine months, he does not know how to sit and stand, holding a bad toy, it handles all the time compressed into small fists. According to mum, smiling Daniel began a month ago. Still would! After two months of intensive care.

... "ER" caused by six in the morning on January 12 Oksana drove to the maternity ward of the 11th Khabarovsk hospital. Pregnancy she was normal. The local gynecologist Love Krivosheeva noted a slightly built young mothers and large fruit.

Oksana she begged the doctors to do a caesarean section. But they shrugged - young, she will give birth. The woman was tormented for two days until it gave birth to a boy. He really was not small - 3700 (later doctors will forward this weight in the medical card in the 3300). Here are just a health ... The next day, the young mother was handed a list of drugs for about 2 thousand rubles, "If you want the child was still alive, buy».

Terrified relatives all bought. Three days later, the baby was taken to the intensive care unit. Diagnoses recorded terrible: the symptoms of epilepsy, signs of cerebral palsy, lung and other vice. The child was given a disability. Oksana came to perinatalku a day. She tearfully looked at her baby, enveloped in tubes.

 - We have it holili-cherished - unanimously repeat her mother-in-law and Oksana. - Have been waiting for his grandson, we dreamed how we will babysit.

Resentment at the doctors did not give relatives peace. In-law persuaded Oksana write a complaint to the city health department. There have inspected, the actions of the doctors revealed violations. Guilty endured disciplinary action. Later, these documents Oksana in-law went to court. And last week, he ruled in favor of mothers with a child and decided to pay her 300 thousand rubles. However, doctors are going to appeal against it.



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