It's brilliant: 15 things we need right now

The people invent and invent new things, but something is still never enough! For example, the wording of the Website is not enough each of the things presented in the pictures below. But someone invented them, so, sooner or later we'll get there! And we will have...

The Elevator, operated by foot if hands are busy

Photo source: Buzzfeed.Somalia tourists on glass "to finish" architectural

To the right of the basket for those who do not mind getting advice from the seller, and the left — for those who want to see the goods


Bell for the front door

This guitar

The best bench in the world

If you get to this sign — you do not have to pass under the bridge

The door to the clinic for patients with Alzheimer's disguised as a wardrobe that the patient did not come out and not get lost

The picnic bench for any height and age

When the tire's time to change, but she says

Just class!

All ingenious is simple — in instant noodles integrated colander

Solar panels as a hint that the Church

Sticker-marker of maturity

Bicycle Parking with velencoso



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