11 little tricks that will help to save space in the bedroom

Small bedroom is not a sentence, and a reason to rationally plan the available space. So many things I want to place in your bedroom, and the place strongly enough? Calmly, without panic.

A good interior design works wonders! And, as always, ready to throw a couple of very effective solutions just for such occasions. Or rather, as much as eleven!


1. Stop vacuuming under the bed, raise it to new heights

Bed placement on the podium — a truly brilliant idea, especially in smaller bedrooms. High podium is not just extra space for storing small things, but acts as a full-fledged alternative to a dresser or even the closet. Most often in the podium are built in drawers, divided into sectors, but to store linens, seasonal clothes or precious canned tomatoes — decide. Tip: a Small podium with a height of 10-15 cm is only a decorative element and nothing more. In order to truly benefit, you need to raise it at least to a height of 50 cm can Often be found and metre podiums, but in this case you will need to build steps or to take care of the stairs.

  2. Make inappropriate is appropriate If you are a victim of the architectural complexities and the "happy" owner of the irrational recesses in the wall, then this tip will be useful to you as anyone else. Just fill out this ridiculous education shelves from floor to ceiling (as if it was conceived from the beginning). Besides agree: extra space storage does not happen! Tip: to determine the material of shelves and the height between them, should at least roughly estimate what you are going to store. Too thin shelves that can SAG under heavy weight, but very massive not to buy unnecessarily. First, they visually loaded interior, and secondly — is simply more expensive.

  3. Find a niche and use it Sometimes holes in the walls belongs to us by inheritance, sometimes we make them ourselves. For example, in small and narrow bedroom they are completely justified. Great niches are the perfect additional storage space, for example, books. Look at what the library got in this shallow built-in shelving in the photo, and imagine how much would need cabinets to fit the same amount!

4. Continue the window If your bedroom is the height from floor to sill is 75-80 cm, then it's time to replace that useless "receptacle of the flowers" from the top, which will allow you to get a full-fledged work space. Not only that, you will get a lot of usable area, and will work in natural light — is not happiness? But you can go even further and extend the countertop to the entire length of the wall, and in the space formed to accommodate a variety of drawers, niches, or even use it as a TV stand or console game.

Low window-sill is absolutely not suitable for creating a working surface, but you can equip a great place to stay, as well as an incredible relaxation while reading your favorite book. It is important to remember that the optimum height from the floor to the window sill in this case should be about half a meter. And if the bed is near the window, then the newly made sofa can make it a logical continuation. Of course we have to convert on the window sill for this purpose, but, in my opinion, it's worth it. Tip: Sometimes it's hard to find a company that will fulfill such a small order, and expensive it will be. It is therefore easier and cheaper to order the modified sill in the load to some furniture — for example, Cabinet, or chest of drawers.

5. Hang the Cabinet to clear the floor and make a nightstand pendant is a wonderful solution for those who want to relieve the sleep area and make it more compact.

But to not drill the wall, you can cheat even more and instead of a massive thumbs to get a light stand on a thin, almost invisible legs.

Moreover, it is not necessary to limit your appetite only one small shelf. Because you can hang them just two, or even three! Even in this case you will get extra storage space, and at the same time, the bedroom will look airy and not congested.

6. Find "octoberequus" lamps

    Bedside table lamp without the wind, but still takes a lot of space table lamp! To save space, there are several options.
  • First, it is a hanging lamp from the ceiling, which seems unusual but at the same time copes with all the tasks.


  • The second solution is wall sconces.

Whatever option you choose, in any case, the glow of warm light fixtures exquisitely decorate your bedroom, and the free space on the bedside Cabinet will be a great bonus.

If funds allow and you get a suitable lamp "two in one" — of course, take it. Alas, the offer of such options on the market is limited, and not always find an interesting shape and design model. 7. Use furniture "reserves storage" there is No desire to build a runway and start the repair will fit the platform bed with a ready built-in containers. Tip: Choose the model where boxes are not located on only one side of the bed, and around its perimeter. So you will have more offices, and access to them will be easier.


  8. Fill the wall completely And again we move to the window opening. Although the idea to build a wardrobe around it and to complete thereby the entire wall is not entirely new, but it is incredibly efficient and saves a lot of space. In addition, we do not spend on the slopes, as their roles are the sides of the wardrobe. And the sill can arrange all the same cozy sofa where you can relax and enjoy the marvelous view from the window. Tip: don't get carried away with the depth of the Cabinet, because the bigger it is, the less natural light will get into your bedroom, and this is not good!

Do not have to build a wardrobe around the window. Most often, around the bed we used to see or the pair of bedside tables or any small table with ornate legs, with the entire wall behind the bed remains empty, or is covered by some painting. But would it not be better to use all that unused space to good use?

The best solution here is to build a wardrobe, and on the sides to install a modules, and above the bed to build open shelves or install a lightweight connector element, which will visually make this design not as bulky.

9. Select the "right" vanity table , When choosing vanity suggest to pay attention to the delicate glass models of small size. They look weightless and completely dissolved in space, visually lightening it. By the way, why not kill two birds with one stone?! Place the vanity next to the bed instead of bedside tables.

Another air variant of the dressing table, not occupying much space — a wide shelf, which is attached directly to the wall or to furniture. To construct such "island beauty" will not be difficult, especially if there is a man with hands from the right place. 10. If the TV, on the wall! Dr. ban, and you continue to watch TV shows in bed? Well, at least hang the screen at the correct height. The most sensible thing to use to mount the TV swivel mount — can rotate the screen in the right corner of the room. Modernism

11. Arrange the office in the closet In case you were forced to work from home for computer except in the bedroom no, organize it in the closet. This will allow at the right time just to slam the door — and not to think about work lying in bed.

Tip: Use all the space above the work surface, adding some shelves to the top.published by: Elena eller is Also interesting: elegant bedroom in shades of grey — inspired ideas Romantic bedroom design: 6 useful tips

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