Morphogenic field: the Quantum theory of consciousness Rupert Sheldrake

Why a person feels a strange look back, doves return to the dovecote, and the best way to learn is stay in the box master?

In the beginning of the last century in Europe, the milkman in the morning, walked home and were left near the homes of customers with a bottle of milk that was convenient not only for humans but also for birds. Tits in the English city of Southampton has preclusively caps of bottles and had a nice Breakfast with milk. After some time the same thing began to make birds hundreds of miles away from Southampton, and for 40 years have all European tit mastered this method. However, the war forced both people and birds to forget about the delivery of milk to the house. Milkmen resumed it only after eight years, and Tits began to proclivity cover.

But this was a new generation of birds, such as Tits live three years. They were able now to master the “science” of the ancestors.

All of this properties internal rampola, which has all information of the Universe.

The study of this bestseller is dedicated to Rupert Sheldrake's “Seven experiments that could change the world.”

Rupert Sheldrake has developed the theory of the information field, which materializes the thoughts of the people, and if it is clouded, then life becomes a nightmare, as if the light, in joy. The people themselves, their thoughts create the world in which they live.

For example, Sheldrake noticed that the person the easier it is to assimilate knowledge, the more people know it and there is a field of images common to all people.

Images of such fields can be information, feelings, or behaviors. Such fields are not only in humans but also in animals, birds, insects, plants and even crystals.

By the way, the crystal adopts a well-defined and not arbitrary form.

Sheldrake called the field of images morphogenic -those that affect the structure or form of things.

The noted Harvard biologist William McDougall fifteen years, forced lab rats to find a way out of the maze. The obtained experimental data were stunning: if the first generation of rats to find the exit, made an average of 200 errors, the last one was wrong just 20 times.

Even more sensational results have led to the repetition of the experience in Australia. There the rats would immediately find a way out of the maze. They were neither relatives nor descendants of the rats of the“pioneers” and therefore could not grasp the knowledge of the maze at the genetic level, as suggested at the time McDougall.

It is known that termites have the skills of excellent architects.

Arranging a new home, these insects are divided into two “teams” and erecting perfectly symmetrical halves of the mound. All termite mounds similar to one another, as in model construction. Nothing can stop coordinated action of termites, even if at the beginning of construction to block their future housing steel sheet, the mound still get symmetrical. And this despite the fact that during the construction of the insects did not communicate with each other and not watching the work of the neighbouring “gang”, since termites are blind from birth.

Resonant readout of thought

All this means that the brain of a human or animal by itself contains neither memory nor knowledge, but all this excess is in morphogenic fields. And brain if necessary, is set for a specified morphogenic field as well as radio airwaves. “Catch” in morphogenic live the memory, of course, much easier than the memory of other people.

But, the skillful “set-up” becomes available to the memory of any person or society.

So, if you learn English, do not have to sit at dictionaries and listening to the tapes, but rather “tune” your brain in English wave.

Best brain “adjusted” to the well-known images.

English learning easier, Swahili or Hindi, because it owns a lot more people.

Sam Sheldrake explains this phenomenon on the example of a rat: “If you teach something rats in Manchester, then rats of that breed around the world will be much faster to learn the same trick, even if between them there will be no known physical connection or communication. The more rats will learn something, the easier it is for the same will absorb their followers”.

Morphogenic fields can be modified under the influence of new knowledge.

If anyone yesterday unknown knowledge tomorrow will spread everywhere, his field is also distributed and will be available to a larger number of people, animals, plants.

Embedded in the morphogenic field and literally all the images of Sheldrake calls “habits.”

Their scientist opposes the laws of Nature, believing that the universe is not subject once and for all established laws and lives, consistent with the images of prisoners in shared memory Nature.

Images habits are responsible for the gravitational and electromagnetic fields, the atoms of hydrogen, the atmosphere, the oceans are stable, but that doesn't mean they can't change.

After all, along with other habits,in Nature exists a habit to change.

The evolution of life, culture, man is the pursuit of development inherent in the Nature of things, are deeply imprinted in its morphogenic field.

If there are morphogenic fields common to all humans and animals, it turns out that everything in the World is interconnected. When we learn something new, know that not only we, but all men, the whole universe, our knowledge becomes General.

This is a total universal mind.

Community awareness Sheldrake explains paranormal phenomena such as telepathy or the ability of a person “feeling back.”

For Sheldrake, not only is he a sight, and catch the thought looking behind him. The ability to feel the opinion can be developed. Look back well feel paranoid-that people under the influence of drugs, as well as martial arts. The theory of morphogenic fields explained by the phenomenon of prediction. Man, making a particular forecast, it sends morphogenic field specific information, which is then returned as a real historical event. This feature infopole used by psychologists, encouraging patients to be optimistic, think positive, and then life will get better.

Programming expectations of the academic

The phenomenon of programming you use and scientists who consciously apply the programming abilities of fields in full.

The scientist begins to experience expecting a certain effect, and the more he hoped for a particular outcome, the more chances that the expected will happen.

The expectation of the scientist, seared in a morphogenetic field affects the result of the experiment. Wittily observed that nuclear physicists are not so much discovered subatomic particles, how they were invented: first predicted their existence theoretically, and then began practical experiments for their detection.

The researchers programmed, or brainwashed, not only yourself, but everyone around. As soon as a person refers to a psychoanalyst-Freudian, he was beginning to dream dreams according to Freud.

Psychic demonstrates his paranormal abilities in the presence of a researcher who believes in extrasensory perception, and can not give anything in the presence of the experimenter is a skeptic. Even laboratory animals fall under the influence of scientists.

If the experimenter believes this mouse is very talented, she acts smarter than the other dogs, regardless of objective data. Animals adopt national traits of researchers.

Mice that are Americans hurriedly rush through the cages, distracted by nonsense and only at the last moment give the desired result. Animals “the Germans” for a long time thinking, and then slowly and accurately perform the task.

Phantoms information

Morphogenic field is not only humanity as a whole, but also each person.

These fields form our thoughts, feelings, emotions, behavior and body.

All that ever was in the field of view of morphic fields does not disappear without a trace, and remains there forever.

We can remember the formula taught at the Institute, again inflamed with love for the man were in love thirty years ago, and can feel a part of the body which have lost.

Anyone can tune into the morphogenic field of the other. Sheldrake has conducted experiments during which it became clear that outsiders can feel amputated phantom limb of a person.

A major participant in one of the trials was the American Casimir Bernard, who lost his right lower leg during the war. Casimir was touching his phantom limb to other people, and they felt the touch. In another experiment, a nurse working in a surgical office, so authentically described the phantoms of their patients, what was the feeling, as if she sees them. React to phantom limbs and animals.

Animals reading morphogenetic fields

The scientific idea that parts of one whole, being disconnected, continue to maintain the relationship, is not new.

It opened long before Sheldrake. In Malaysia has long been considered that all Megacache associated with the human body, and then separated from it, remains in close connection with that body. Malaysians do not throw away fingernail clippings and hair, believing that someone will pick up and with the help of witchcraft nakliyat the owner of nails or hair trouble.

The same is stated in quantum theory: if two particles come off from a single atom, no matter how large the distance between them, anything that affects one particle also affects the second.

Sheldrake first proposed to consider a single entity not only the human body or the atom, but that can be joined on any grounds.

Pets and their owners, according to Sheldrake, there is a whole, and there is nothing surprising in the fact that when the whole is falling apart, its parts continue to read the morphogenic fields of each other.

Dogs and cats like the feel of his master, waiting for him at the door, even if he comes back at an odd hour, try to guess the master's intention to feed them or to walk, catch the slightest change in the mood of the owner.

Such behavior cannot always be attributed to acute hearing and sense of smell.

For example, in the case when Pets are aware of the upcoming separation from owners, when they're only thinking about the proposed walk, leaving the dog or cat at home.

Megapool explain the ability of pigeons to find their way home.

Biologists for more than a century experimenting with pigeons and still can't understand how pigeons return to their home loft, even from the most remote areas.

Sheldrake believes that between birds and their home there is going through the morphogenic field elastic thread that is stretched when the pigeons fly away from home, and then shrinks and attracts the birds.

The same thread that draws and lost or thrown away from his master cats and dogs.

Similarly behave and wild pack animals. A straggler from a pack of wolves always find their relatives, foxes soothe the raging puppies, being at a considerable distance from them and not uttering a single sound, but gazed in the direction of his hole.

Animals read the information from formative fields person or each other.

There are cases when the smaller brothers scan global morphogenic field.

Well-known ability of animals to anticipate disasters.

History knows many examples. In ancient China kept the dog off it-predictors of natural disasters. published




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