From where comes our knowledge

In the beginning of the last century in England thrush began to spread from house to house milk in bottles, closed with cardboard caps. The bottle was put under the door, at the door. In the town of Southampton local Tits quickly took advantage of this innovation. They are easily preclusively the cap and drank the milk. Soon it know-how adopted tit the whole of Britain, and then most of Europe. With the outbreak of the Second world war, when there were cards for food, bottles at the threshold of thrush have already left. And only eight years later he returned to the previous practice of delivering milk. And what? Tits immediately began to proclivity cardboard lids...


Morphogenic fields

It would seem that this amazing? But the fact is that the life expectancy of the great tit is an average of three years. So, for eight years, was replaced by nearly three generations of these birds. How did the postwar Tits immediately adopted the experience of their ancestors? To read they are known to not know, and manuals for the theft of milk for them, no one was.

Another example, now from observations on human beings. A psychologist from the USA Ardennes Malberg suggested the students to master two of the same complexity of the Morse code. The secret lay in the fact that one was actually in Morse code (which they did not know) and the other an imitation of the alphabet, but with very different mappings of signals to the letters. Without exception, the students faster and easier mastered conventional telegraphic alphabet, although he did not know that this variant is original.

To explain these phenomena, the famous English biologist Rupert Sheldrake put forward the theory of morphogenic fields. In his opinion, in the brain of a human or animal does not contain neither memory nor knowledge. But the whole world around us permeate the particular morphogenic (morphogenetic) fields. They accumulate all the knowledge, all the experience of mankind or animals. Wanting something to remember, such as the multiplication table, or any poetry, people automatically configures your brain to this task from the outside and gets the information he needs.

It is easier to remember?

At first glance, the theory of Sheldrake seems ridiculous and even insane. But let's not jump to conclusions. Tits born in the second half of 1940-ies, could not have the experiences of their pre-war ancestors. However, once again there was milk bottles, these Pichugov throughout Western Europe immediately began with them "to finish". Even assuming that in some areas birds have re-discovered a technique of stealing milk, their knowledge could so quickly spread to large tit's habitat. So valuable for Tits information came from outside, she was preserved from the ancestors that birds and never seen.

Why students have mastered the conventional Morse code much faster than invented by the experimenter? Apparently, in the morphogenic field, this option was represented in large numbers, and he simply "beat" version of the experimenter.

Rupert Sheldrake noticed that the person the easier it is to assimilate knowledge, the more people they have known. One day he invited the students to learn the two Japanese poems in English translation. The first was little known even in Japan, and the second was a Japanese schoolboy. And this is the second poem of the English students remember best!

I'm Rafael!

For many centuries, scientists tried to explain how it is that a man with his back feels someone else's opinion. No reasonable explanation of this phenomenon and was not found, although each of us happened more than once to experience it for yourself. Sheldrake claims that people feel not look, he catches the thought, the intention of the one who looks him in the back. But this idea comes from the morphogenic field.

The theory of morphogenic fields to explain the phenomenon of prediction. Here is, however, somewhat different scheme. Man, making this or that prediction, "send" it in the universal information field in the form of a "order", which is then returned (or not returned) in the form of actually committed events.

A girl under hypnosis it was suggested that this great Italian painter Raphael, who lived in the late XV — early XVI century. And this girl was a decent draw, although in the past such abilities she was not noticed. In all probability, it received information about a man who lived four hundred years ago, and to some extent passed on the ability to draw.

The thread between the owner and the dog

But back to the animal world. As you know, pigeons can find their home loft, and a thousand kilometers away. How do they do it? For a long time it was believed that birds well remember the topography of the terrain. When this assumption was not confirmed, have come to believe that they are guided by magnetic field lines of the Earth. But this hypothesis with rigorous scientific verification has disappeared. The literature describes cases when the pigeons have found their home, even if the dovecote was placed on a ship sailing in the open sea.

It has long been observed that the dog left at home, feels that her boss finally returns and sits at the door. The owner at some time may change its plans, somewhere to stay; then the dog moves away from the door, his whole appearance expressing disappointment. Of course, no dog ears, no smell, nothing to do with it. In this case, it offers some other information channel.

Sheldrake believes that between dog and owner is formed "elastic thread" morphogenic nature. The same thread is formed between the pigeon and his pigeon-house. And, following this thread, the pigeons are coming home.

In the sixteenth century, a Greyhound named Caesar arrived from Switzerland to France, which left her master, and found him, and not just anywhere, but in Versailles, at the Royal Palace. And during the First world war, the dog Prince in search of his owner even swam the English channel!

We are surrounded by the ocean of information

Biologists studying the behaviour of foxes, watched once amazing picture. Fox is the mother went far from the den, and the cubs, meanwhile, rambunctious, and even got out. Mother could neither hear nor see them. However, she suddenly turned back to stare in the direction of the hole. And that was enough for the cubs calmed down and hid again! Conventional means of communication, as in cases with dogs, could not have place here.

It turns out that we are surrounded by a sea of information. The whole problem is how to enter this vast world of information how to customize your "brain radio" on the right wave. It would seem that this problem is practically insoluble. But today we extensively use mobile phones. They are now on the planet — hundreds of millions. However, we find in this sea of information the only we need room, and we also find.

The theory of morphogenic fields, it would seem, does much to explain the nature of the phenomena that has long remained a mystery. However, physics has not yet discovered these fields. Of course, it's means that such substance does not exist. Hence, it is necessary to look...

Author: Vladimir Tuganov





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