7 things which a wise woman requires from her man

Many women believe that men owe them something. The result of such a philosophy robs the relationship of trust and mutual respect.

Often this realization comes to women, when it's too late. But in the Website I would like to fine half of mankind draws knowledge not only from our own mistakes.

We are not talking about children, now it is only about you. Encountering the man, the woman begins to make claims of type "I feed, dress and entertain". But in fact, the man is obligated to maintain only their children, as, indeed, a woman. It can be you, if you want, but in General not obliged to do so.

Never ask him to leave a job or a hobby to spend more time with you. A Mature woman understands that it will make a man unhappy, because his life consists of many components, not only from work and the woman he loved.

It happens that someone of his friends or relatives you can not stand. But this does not mean that he needs to stop hanging out with them because of you. Even if you think that they are a bad influence. You have no idea how for men important long-term friendship. Well, for us all our relatives, even if they sometimes irritate us.

If he hates dancing, and you want to dance with him salsa, he will likely refuse, and you have no right to insist. Just imagine what he drags you fishing every week at 5 am. We can not share all the passions of each other, and this does not mean the absence of love and mutual respect.

A woman who knows the true value of a relationship does not require that the partner has changed. She falls in love with a real person and knows that people change only when they want it themselves. On the contrary, men value those who accept them for who they are, and gently inspire them to change.

Let's face it: men have to pay attention to other beautiful women. It would be contrary to their nature. (This, of course, not talking about outright flirting with them). Because women also pay attention to attractive people and there's no escape. Just treat it calmly.

A wise woman does not require any proof from the partner. When the relationship is built on trust, the woman hadn't come to ask him to show mobile phone or give her your email password. A Mature person would find such actions disrespectful and would have been right.

To relationship peace and harmony, to compromise and give in some moments it is necessary for both partners. Respect, cordiality, patience, and empathy — that should be plenty between two Mature people.

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