How not to get irritated at the constant childish "why"

The outgoing year I got a year of structuring and systematization. I gradually comprehend every aspect of your life, make lists, analyze. With children who are constantly growing and therefore changing, it's harder, but healthier. At the same time I get the answers to your questions long. For example, why some adults are annoying period permanent children's "why" and why it rarely bothers me.


 The causes of irritation and what to do:1. Because and so bad.
Long was going to not time out of the house, a headache, there's no bus, taxi is not called late, cold wind in your face, challenges bale hammers, the people around are bleak.

— Mom, why so long bus rides? And what color it is? I want light blue! Why wind me hood lifts? Why sopelki flowing?

I understand how at this point you can boil or a long time to answer irritably, and then bellow "shut up!". But it will only get worse. When a child feels that his innocuous actions or words are annoying and angry, he is confused. And the questions will roll in indefinitely without waiting for a reply.

The output is: I honestly tell the child that now is not the time for questions, because I feel bad/upset/think us not to be late.I can't answer all the questions right now, but will remember them and will answer later. Or exhale, realizing that the time in queue or in transit can be spent conversing with family man. And answer all the questions, one by one. All is well.

2. Because how can.
— Why is my teeth will fall out? I don't want!
— Fall, and grow new, I have many times explained how it all happens.
But why drop out?

What can I say. It is possible to reiterate what is already explained. It is possible to explain once again. And after five minutes again to the same question.

The magic starts if to say, "tell me how you think, why?".
You can learn a lot. For example, teeth from the inside squeeze the little men, or that the tooth fairy puts a coin is dropped teeth. Secondly, it will be clear that the child did not understand, and why repeating a question.
In addition, children are very like to talk to the questions "why" and "how you think".

3. Because you don't know the answer and ashamed.
When all of a sudden can't remember basic things from the curriculum, there is a stupid sense of Twoness, of homework to do and the fear of losing credibility with the child. Many are so educated: don't know — a shame.
How important to admit to your child that don't remember or don't know — I can't tell you. Not ashamed to forget, not know — it is perfectly normal. You can teach your child to look for the information along to Google pictures and videos, read the encyclopedia, draw and speak on the topic. And a few years to discover that I remember all this detail.


4.Because it is difficult.
To questions about sexual organs, gender, appearance of children and other physiology I prepared. She was surprised, but absolutely calmly and competently told and continue to tell my daughters about all the things they are interested in.

But when the eldest became concerned with issues of death, severe disease and death happens to a person, at first I was confused. Asked her for time to think, explaining what the subject is complicated and I don't know how to explain. I read, think, and began to answer. Questions on complex subjects can occur again and again, some answers may not be comfortable or perceived, to this is ready. My daughter, for instance, realized that people in General die, but have long believed that with us such does not happen.

5. Because it is inappropriate
I wanted to fall, when my daughter asked worried even me, and woman on the street:
Oh, and why do you have one leg?
We are very lucky, and this lovely friendly man told the child what happened. At home I talked more about accidents, disability and many other things that may look unusual. And at the same time, that to ask about atomnogo quiet and I have.

 6. Why was I not annoyed by endless "why" Because it will pass!
Faster than I'm ready to lose the title of man of the encyclopedia in the eyes of the daughters. Very soon, instead of "why" "I know" and "well mA-am", so I just enjoy.

7. Because I also wonder.
In fact, why do teeth fall out? Why Santa Claus, Santa Claus and St. Nicholas is one and the same character, and lives at the North Pole and not near the sea? How exactly is the plane hiding the wheels and why they are not needed in flight? Why do people in the paintings look so strange and not always wearing? Why animals don't brush their teeth brush? Why the lions can't fly?

I don't want to be a lean hospital tempting, with their "don't know", "wait", "they don't exist".

8. Because only I can
I know how to explain to their child incomprehensible and complex. Can you give examples from our daily life that no one teacher can not know. Take into account the peculiarities of perception, which I know see when I listen and when the eyes are glass and past. Who, if not me.

9. Because it is useful
I'm learning a short and accessible to answer questions. Not only children, but adults too. Learn to quickly and efficiently search visual information. Learn patience and learn to listen.
Well. published by: Sasha Pais



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