The secrets of growing Chinese cabbage

Cabbage — vegetable of longevity. So pekinku called due to the high content of lysine — an amino acid that promotes rejuvenation of the body. Isn't it a reason to plant cabbage on their site? Especially that now is the time.



The best predecessors for Chinese cabbage — potatoes, cucumbers, onions, beans, carrots. To save space on the plot sheet varieties are grown as a sealer on a bed of cucumbers. In July, the seeds are sown in open ground at a depth of 2-3 cm scheme 3-5 X10-20 cm for Kale, 35-50 x 20-25 cm and headed out polukochannye.



Regularly watered, loosen, and remove weeds. Feed solution of urea (30 g/10 l of water), or mullein (1:10). To protect it from pests the garden sprinkled with ash (300 g), mixed salt, 2 tbsp pepper and 1 tbsp of mustard powder.



Leaf cabbage is cut, when it will form 10-12 leaves. For a bookmark on storage of clean vegetable in cloudy cool weather. Choose cabbage with a dense covering of leaves. Leaf varieties harvested together with the roots and prikopat in moist sand. Optimum storage temperature of Chinese cabbage — 0...-2 degrees.


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How to determine a good day for plantingHow to insulate an already built houseLeaf varieties of Chinese cabbage can be cut, when it is formed 10-12 leaves. If cutting off to leave the growing point, the leaves will grow back.published





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