Frankly about motherhood

I want to show motherhood unadorned. Without this deception — they say, is a pure delight. Because it's not prestigious, it is a big job.

Most often this work enjoyable. You can, of course, to focus only on the negatives and constantly whine about lost in life that you can feel sorry for yourself and consider your life finished under a mountain of diapers. To whom as, and personally, my life ten years ago, just began – and began to play with new never before seen colors!

Motherhood is great happiness, but it is not given simply so. Will have to work hard. This and the opening of your inner potentials — where else can you find such super powers!

That's the way the woman — motherhood reveals her from all sides, and revealing its best qualities and the worst.

Being a mom is hard. The scale of the disaster — that is, the amount of work — are different. The more ego and pride, the harder it is to be a mom. It is difficult to endure, to refuse, to apologize. And for someone it is easy and quietly, as if there is no work, pure pleasure. But don't be fooled by this ease. This women heart prepared — clean.

In this world all the good things don't come easily. Often it is the work pleasant and joyful. And sometimes the process can be difficult as, for example, during complex yoga asana. Heavy, but then in the body of a pure high.

And with children. After a sleepless night in the morning baby razlivaetsya and all was forgotten instantly. Gave birth to him in pain, and barely saw the happiness filled the heart to the brim.

Today, in a world where all the slogans repeat only about the pleasure we all want to enjoy and no one wants to work. I have bad news. They are a little wrong in the material world is impossible. Alas.

If you don't want to work, don't want to change, can't commit to another person even for a while, want to live for themselves and not ready to abandon his current life in full, it may be better not to have children. Because those parents needed to show that increased noise and the rug rats around and they are not particularly happy in it.

Children bring great happiness when they are needed.

In my opinion, motherhood can come even close to stand that we are so afraid to refuse. Travel without the kids, shopping, playing with their hobby, pleasure of the senses, the ability to go where I want when I want, sleep, freedom is all this was nothing compared to the feeling you get when you become a mother (just to give birth and there is not enough optional, by the way). To live just for yourself — this is the minimum possible in this life the level of happiness. Too little package of emotions.

Motherhood is the best spiritual practice for women. A small child shake up all your insides and heart, and get it out of him.

And then you can see the real spirituality and personal qualities. Motherhood shows it is so honest that sometimes sick that like all such spiritual and tolerate children's whims can't. What kind of spirituality is this, insincere.

When you make a baby — your life will change and never be the same. You can imagine that the old "I" dies, but is born a new, even more beautiful.

Many people afraid of limitations. Like, how am I not going to sleep? Oh Fig! Are you kidding me? To compare a sleep with the life of a child? And it is better not to have children, but to sleep your whole life? But why sleep? For what? What is so special and significant to sleep, eat, go shopping, watch a movie?

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what your life will be after the baby is born and than you will be motherhood is a reward or a very heavy burden.

And for me it is the greatest happiness. Only with the birth of their children I found myself and learned more high taste of life, than just enjoy. What I wish every woman in this world.published

Author: Olga Valyaeva


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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