Where the soul hides its sufferings: 7 classical psychosomatic diseases

"Disease of nerves" – so we usually refer to as psychosomatic disorder. The name of these diseases brings together the Greek word for "soul" (psyche) and 'body' (soma), and they usually arise because the soul is hiding his suffering.

At that moment, when the storage of the soul overflows, the content finds a more direct way via the body. What causes psychosomatic illnesses? In this article I will give the most common classification of the causes of psychosomatic disorders, proposed by psychologist Leslie Legroom.

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Now about each item in detail.

  1. Internal conflict.

The situation in which one part of the person consciously desires and lies on the surface, and the other — usually the opposite — for some reason hidden in the subconscious. Then the second part begins to "guerilla war", a symptom which can become psychosomatic symptoms.


2. Body language.

The body physically reflects the state that could be expressed in figurative phrases: "it's such a headache!""I detest it!", "because of this my heart is not here!", "my hands are tied!". Guess how you will react relatively healthy body such are constantly programming message?


3. The presence of conditional benefits.

This category refers to health problems that bring certain benefits conditional to their owner. And no, it's not a simulation, but it is really a diagnosable disease. Perhaps the man really wants to have the benefits that he will get only ill. Careful wish, because wishes tend to come true!


4. Past experience

The cause of the disease can be a traumatic experience from the past, often a child. It can be as an episodic event and a lasting impact that continues to emotionally affect people in the present.


5. Identification.

In this case, the physical symptom may appear due to the strong emotional attachment to the person having such disease. There is often a fear of losing that person or the loss actually happened.


6. Suggestion.

Being sure of the presence of disease — even if it does not exist in reality — people all the time trying to find proof for him, so the subconscious agreeing with the presence of the disease. Of course, thus the probability to get it increases significantly.


7. A self-inflicted punishment.

This punishment connected with real, and often imaginary guilt, tormenting a person. Self-punishment facilitates the experience of guilt, as if redeeming it.


Psychosomatic problems are quite real and appear as a result of stressful situations and complex relationships, external influences on the psyche and other completely non-physiological reasons. It is also worth noting that many researchers believe that psychosomatic diseases occur in organs and systems that originally weakened due to lifestyle and hereditary predisposition.

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Talking about the seven classical psychosomatic diseases, which in 1950 gave American psychoanalyst Franz Alexander:

1. Hypertension

2. Ulcer

3. Bronchial asthma

4. Neurodermatitis

5. Hyperthyroidism 

6. Ulcerative colitis

7. Rheumatoid arthritis


Since that time much has changed, also changed and supplemented by the list of psychosomatic diseases. Today it updated and significantly expanded: panic disorder and sleep disorders, cancer, infarction, irritable bowel syndrome, sexual disorders, obesity, anorexia nervosa, bulimia – these and many other disorders also have reason to be psychosomatic.

Many well-known psychotherapists such as Wilhelm Reich, Franz Alexander, IDA Rolf, Alexander Lowen, and many others, linked the onset of disease in the parts and organs of the body with the appropriate emotions is a topic for another article.

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What is needed for recovery?

It is necessary not only to cure physiological cause, but also to overcome psychological. Some doctors believe that the treatment of psychosomatic disorders of psychological assistance, although essential, are only auxiliary means.


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However, in some cases, the main benefit lies in it. And on a physical level as prevention and self-help you must first time to remove the effects of stress and prevent chronic overstrain; to please her body with massages, exercise and a good rest, to learn to control tension and to relax. And most importantly: if you cannot change the situation, change your attitude! Bless you! published 


Author: Klavdia Maksimenko


Source: psy-practice.com/publications/psikhicheskoe-zdorove/Nervnaya_pochva_chto_v_ney_rastet/


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