If you dreamed that kitty never grew up, Munchkin — for you

Kittens so sweet and playful that often the owners mind comes the thought: "wouldn't it be nice if they never grew up!". But it's impossible.

Or is it? Munchkin is a breed, which if remained forever in his tender age. The website shares with you photos of these amazing creatures.

And here I am!

Legs Munchkins is 2-3 times shorter than normal cats

Therefore, they are often called the "Dachshund of the cat world"

But, if you think that because of this, they are up to something not make it, you're wrong

Favorite Munchkins resembles the pose of a kangaroo

Among the Munchkins even have their own celebrity

Meet the star of instagram albert. Mistress loves to dress him, and change his images watching more than 400 thousand subscribers.

And this is Pooh. His unearthly beauty has already won a 250 thousand subscribers

In addition to the original appearance, the Munchkin is no different from regular cats. They are also curious...

... fun and playful, but short legs do not hinder their jumping ability, and flexibility.

"Take me like I am very highly"

Munchkin can be both shorthaired and longhaired, but they are always inimitable

Sure, you have already decided to get Munchkin

Or even a couple ^-^

Photo on preview @agatha_and_fiona,

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