Arnold eret: Quirks of our food are the main causes of all diseases

What is the essence of the teachings of Arnold Area? And the essence of his method of treatment of "incurable diseases"? In this article you will find the fundamental thesis of the famous book of Arnold Aretha "Healing System Besliste Diet."

Eret about nutrition

Most Arnold eret, revered as the true father of naturopathy, a well-known phrase: "Life is a tragedy of nutrition".

He taught: "the Quirks of our food are the main causes of all diseases".

The cause of all our health problems eret seen in our wrong diet. He called to give the digestive system a break from overtime. He introduced the concept of "Food therapy".

Eret had learned from his sad experience that the wrong food was the cause of numerous diseases, which means eating the right foods could be the treatment. He writes: "With his power people get dead material. All modern products are slime".

Eret and naturopathy

Eret was a staunch advocate of naturopathy. In his youth eret was different doctors declared incurable. He says of himself: "I was a candidate for the dead. Physically and nearly mentally bankrupt, I was already thinking about suicide, but accidentally heard about naturopathy". And his whole healing system backed by huge own experience.

Eret saw the advantage of naturopathy over conventional medicine in the assertion that all illnesses are generated by internal contamination. He founded in Switzerland "Sanatorium and fruits of fasting" where he successfully cured thousands of seriously ill patients.

Eret wrote: "Nature cannot be fooled. Nature will do the job if we give her a chance. Drugs suppress the disease. Animals are treated with no hospitals, no pharmacies. You lie on the operating table of nature. The process of cleansing — "operation without knife". This method is provided by Nature — eating only raw fruit and green plants."

Eret disease

Every disease, according to Arato, regardless of what medical name and it is — it's just unusual local stagnation of mucus at this particular place.

He wrote: "Disease is an effort of the body to eliminate waste, mucus and toxins, and this system assists nature in the most beautiful and natural way. Not a disease, but the body must be cured! It should be clean, free from unwanted and foreign substances, mucus and toxins accumulated since childhood. Whenever nature is trying to save human life through efforts to "feverishly" eliminate mucus and its toxic products, it is called "acute disease". The disease is caused by toxins, not the bacteria".

Eret about Besliste Diet

Arnold eret developed the notorious theory of mucus — later proven fact — according to which the slime (or internal pollution, toxins) that appear from improper nutrition is the fundamental cause of all diseases.

Eret wrote: "My system is not the treatment or drug, it is regeneration, General cleaning. Besliste Diet consists of all kinds of raw fruits, non-starchy vegetables, herbs and raw herbs.

The right kinds of food (raw vegetable) and the adoption of a smaller amount of food is the Almighty method of nature cleaning the body from the results of poor nutrition and overeating.

He wrote: "a Fruit diet, as described in Genesis, is Supreme and superior to any other form of diet for the human species. Eden was a fruit orchard. The Paradise diet is not in harmony with Sodom civilization. Paradise food Paradise gives health".

Eret about overeating

"First we need to dispel the fear of malnutrition. The purpose of life for many to live in abundance and eat "abundantly and well."

"Doctor, I feel weakness and fatigue". "You need more protein!"

"Every extra piece of food worth us pieces of life, because it is a useless consumer of energy. The body at the expense of all the standby capacity is looking for a way to mitigate the effects of constant over-eating".

Eret quoted the progenitor and founder of the raw food diet Sylvester Graham: "the Drunkard can age, a glutton — never" and Socrates: "the less a person eats, the closer he is to God".


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Eret official medicine

"Dentistry is a grinder, slaughterhouse. Official medicine is the line of death. She's doing symptomatic treatment. Stuffed with poisons and easier to cut than to cure".


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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