Gymnastics Of Hermes Trismegistus

Gymnastics of Hermes is named in honor of priest and physician who created it more than 2 thousand years ago in Ancient Egypt to improve and maintain health. Exercises of Hermes simple but very effective. As a result, regular their execution improves blood circulation, the cells are enriched with oxygen, calms the nervous system, improves sleep.

Gymnastics of Hermes is also the energy replenishment of the body after the exercise you will feel a surge of strength and vigor. Followers of this system claim that during the execution of the 9 exercises of the charge of Hermes, the body absorbs essential energy and the result exceeds even the Indian system of "Hatha yoga".

Gymnastics of Hermes is perfect for women, although it is more popular among men. By the way, it is believed that the less clothing on the body during the exercise, the more subtle energy enters the body.

Exercise Hermes

The first 3 exercises of power and imitate the movements of athletes, and the last 4 focuses on stretching and energy distribution.

Exercise 1 "The Cross"

Starting position standing, feet shoulder width apart. Respiration free, body relaxed, hands down. Make a sharp and quick breath through the nose, simultaneously squeeze the fists and arms out to the side. Bend as tightly back, his head thrown back. Tense all the muscles of the body, holding your breath up to 4 seconds. Then a sharp exhale through the mouth and tilt forward, hands try to get to the floor. Relax your muscles, wave your hands to the sides and return to the starting position.

Exercise 2 "The Axe"

Feet shoulder width apart, torso bent, arms hang freely, almost touching the floor. Make a sharp and quick inhale, clasp your hands into the lock and stand tall through the right side. Arms describe a semicircle, and get them behind your head, then bend far back as possible. The whole body must be tense. Hold this position for 4 seconds, then rapidly exhale. Exhale quickly return to its original position, but through the left side. Clasped hands also describe a semicircle in the air. This exercise should be performed 2 times for each side.

Exercise 3 "The Discus Thrower"

Starting position standing, feet shoulder width apart. Hand relaxed and lowered. A sharp and quick breath. Make a fist, turn the body to the right, then slightly bent right hand is moved forward and up, and the left back and to the bottom. Hold for 4 seconds, the maximum straining the muscles of the body, and then a sharp exhale return to starting position. Repeat the exercise 2 times for each side.

Exercise 4

Standing, stretch your arms and squeeze the palm of your hand. Breathe in smoothly through your nose for 4 seconds, simultaneously raise the arms out to the sides, opening the chest. Rotten back back and tighten your body. Hold this position, then slowly and gently exhale through your mouth, returning to its original position. Feel the relaxation and enjoyment of the exercise.

Exercise 5

Lean forward, hands almost touch the floor, body relaxed, breathing freely. Start to straighten up with a smooth inhale for 4 seconds. Hands stretched forward and hands clenching, head throws back and back bends. Hold your breath and then slowly exhale, returning to original position.

Exercise 6

Feet shoulder width apart, hands up and apart. Smooth on the inhale, rotate your body to the right, try to see objects behind the car. Hold your breath, tighten your body. Then on the exhale, return to starting position. Repeat the exercise 2 times for each side.


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Exercise 7

Lie on the floor, hands under the head. On the inhale lift the straight leg. Do not plant the feet, they must be pressed against each other. The angle between the body and legs should be 90 degrees. Hold your breath and describe a 2 foot circle in the air clockwise. On the exhale, lower your legs and relax.published





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