Fate is generous to those who firmly decided to be happy

We have courses in English is male, active guy, under 60 somewhere. I watched it all and rejoiced that no importance and considerable age does not prevent him to be just a student like everyone else.

And here we are with him in the lesson began to discuss children, was such a topic. Word for word, he suddenly says:
— You know, Galya and I have five children!
— Wow, wow! — I marveled.

And he suddenly began to tell. When I was young, he had a wife and young son. He worked very hard, day and night. In the 90s, started a business, which takes all the power. He forgot to sleep and eat from nerves and responsibility. Son imperceptibly grew up, he became a student, and the marriage itself vanished into thin air...
— At some pointI realized that that's like I don't die of hunger, have money, and happiness — no. No family, no meaning in life. That you're almost 40, man, and you alone, and you're unhappy.

And then the next day he rode the train to my mother and read a book. The protagonist of this book was to compile a list of their main goals. For the first 3 years of life in General and one final list, just in case, what would he do if I live remained only six months.

That night on the train he began to write such a list. And there was quite a usual, earthly, human desires: to have a family and children to see that mom was complaining into the phone to work less, but happy to travel.

He approached the task as a businessman. What is most interesting to solve most of that list was possible only for a few days. First he put mom nearby so she wasn't sad. Then sold the exhausting business, but instead ran a small business. More difficult was with the family. But only after some two years he married, and was born to first one daughter, then the second, two sons.

— And then last year my daughter — they're high school girls — sitting-on the porch and talking about something with my older son in English. In English, you know? Just like that! And I thought, Holy smoke, and I only German was taught in school, traveling even two words can not! And I'm better than them, my children?Where there is that my list of goals — you have something else to write! — and he laughed happily.

Less than a year ago he began to learn the language from scratch, with the alphabet, and now he's free conversational.

Fate is generous to those who firmly decided to be happy. Author Galina Sergeeva

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