How to escape from a sinking car

To be saved in an emergency situation, it is better to know in advance how to act — because seconds count. The rescue team was told and shown how best to get out of the car, which fell into the river or lake and drowns.

The website publishes the most important recommendations of professionals who will help to escape and to help those who are near.

Rescuers warn that in these 2 steps , you have about a minuteuntil the car sank.

Don't waste time trying to open the door. She still will not give in, because the water is pressing on it from outside. Sequence: "to unfasten the seat belt, open the window to get" is your real chance at salvation.

The easiest way to open a window with a manual lift. But with e-chances. Rescuers note that the results of the test electronics will work at least another 10 minutes after immersion in water.

In no case do not try to break the windshield. Will not work — to improve safety in collisions it is made from laminated glass.

On Internet sites, you can find inexpensive tool for easy breaking car Windows. Another option to keep in the car at hand some heavy object with a pointed tip. Suitable hammer, wrench, heavy screwdriver, but if they do not have the pin removable headrest, stiletto heel or your own elbow. Need to aim in the corner where the glass to break easier, in the center it will bounce.

If you travel with children, lifeguards recommend the following sequence: need to unfasten your seatbelt, open the window to detach and push out the older child first and then the youngest. After out yourself. So more chances to save everyone.

If you are unable to open or break a window, there's another way: open the door. This is the most controversial method, since you need to wait until the inside of the car fills with water — then the pressure inside and outside will be equal. When this happens, take a deep breath the air remains, open the door and get out.

Board rescue: hold onto the door handle until water fills the cabin. Remember that it will not easily open. You may have to squeeze feet.

In the water, especially in turbid, very easy to lose orientation in space. To get to the surface, swim to the rising air bubbles.

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