8 vital things that should always be in your car

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There are no guarantees that the road we won't get in trouble. Some in this case carry in the car a bunch of different things that can be useful, others are content only to the necessary minimum.

We in the Website have compiled for you a list of items that should be in every car at any time of the year.

The light sources and light

It is important that you are always at hand was a candle, matches or a lighter. This is necessary in case the car breaks down in the dark. Just be careful when using them inside the car and outside.

You should also stock up on flashlight. If it is powered by batteries, make sure that you have the necessary supply.

GPS or maps

Better to have both. There is always a chance to miss a turn, so the card should be in your glove compartment always. It will be good if there will be a plan for not only the city in which you live, but all the highways of the country. GPS Navigator and your phone can take, but a paper map is always available.

Food and water

It may happen that you will have to wait long until you will be picked up if the car broke down who knows where. For this case, it is good to have with sabishii rations and water. Non-perishable snacks such as granola bars, nuts and dried fruit in sealed containers, a variety of snacks, perfect for this occasion.


If your car breaks down, it is possible that you will have to walk to the nearest village or gas station. In this case it is important that the car always had a backpack or sports bag. Most importantly, that their volume was large enough and allows you to collect all the necessary things.

Automotive materials and tools

In case you ever have opposed to undermine the wheels of a vehicle, you must have a shovel in the trunk.

Most likely, your car has a spare wheel and the Jack. But, believe me, tools like hammer, screwdriver, wrench, not to be redundant. Jumper cables, tapes, and supplementary motor oil too.

Special emergency tools on hand can save your life, if you find a damaged window or you want to cut the seat belt.

Warm clothes

Regardless of the time of year you should care about getting in the car was always warm things: a blanket, hat, scarf, gloves, sweater. It is important that the clothes should not constrain movements and allow you to move freely. If you have a family, you need to collect a set for each.

Special Mylar blanket and hand warmers will protect from heat loss in case of an emergency.

Means of visibility and communication

Not to be left without help with a broken wheel and a dead phone, always carry a phone charger.

While you wait for help to arrive, you must be clearly visible on the road. This will perfectly fit traffic signal lights and led flashlight.

Reflective vest will be useful in case you need to leave the car. So oncoming cars will see you better. But still preferable to stay in the car until help arrives.

First aid

Make sure your first-aid kit disinfectant wipes, antibiotic ointment, bandages, gauze and painkillers.

In any case, you can add in your first aid kit personal hygiene.

But still don't forget: if you have suffered a serious injury, at the first opportunity, you need to call an ambulance.

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