What to do when a gas leak in the apartment

The correct order of actions in extreme situations can save many lives. That is why it is important to know what to do when every minute counts.

The website have compiled for you a list of actions on the case, if you smell gas in the apartment.

As quickly as you can turn the valve of the gas pipe

As a rule, valve is directly behind the stove. It is not necessary to attempt to find the leak because it may take precious seconds. Your task is to as quickly as possible to stop the flow of gas.

If the leaking gas caught fire, it is strictly forbidden to remove the flame until the gas is lit, it won't explode

In this case, you need to cut off the gas, but if this is not possible, immediately leave the apartment and call the fire Department. Open all the Windows in the room. A draft will help get rid of the gas that had accumulated as a result of leakage.

Do not turn on the lights and appliances and turn off those that are already working

In any case, do not switch on the electricity and turn off appliances already up and running — remember that gas can be ignited by the slightest spark. After leaving the apartment, turn off the electricity supply to the flap.

Don't call from a landline or mobile phone while in the apartment

Call the rescue service or phone the gas emergency service 04. To call use the phone neighbors or go outside to a phone call.

Wait for the arrival of the experts on the street or in a secure facility. In any case, you cannot return to the apartment to fix the gas leak.

To avoid extreme situations related to domestic gas, MOE specialists recommend to follow a few simple rules:

  • Do not install or repair the gas stove yourself.
  • If you find that one of the burners on the stove went out, do not try to light it again. Turn off the gas, ventilate the area, then wait until the burner cools down and only then light.
  • Do not use a gas stove for heating.
  • When you turn on the oven make sure that the fire is in all of the holes of the burner.
  • Pay attention to the color of the flame should be bright blue. Red, green or orange color of flames — the reason for going to the specialists of gas service.
The source MOE

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