UK—shale gas is dangerous to health


The production of shale gas in the UK is considered extremely dangerous for human health. This conclusion was made by an independent group of scientists who analyzed the best practices of its production, and in addition places in which this extraction can be carried out.

Experts note that the methods of shale gas extraction necessary environmental standards do not match. In addition, the location of the alleged points of its production is quite serious error, that is, they are close to settlements.

In recent years, often hear the call directly to the development of the production of this gas. Shale gas is a type of natural gas is an alternative fuel.

Earlier it became known that the fuel that comes from algae, could be a new source of energy. This fuel will provide an opportunity to improve the quality of lubrication of the engine, but also improve turnaround of its period.

While in the United States have come up with how to make fuel from algae, but without any of the algae themselves. The depletion of the mineral deposits of hydrocarbons makes considerable energy, economic, and political problems. And must solve them to find ways to develop sustainable, renewable types of energy. One of these alternatives is the biodiesel, i.e. motor fuel, which is produced without the need of oil refining.

Common materials for the production of eco-friendly point of view of fuel today include soybean, canola, corn, beets, sugar cane, animal fats, and in addition algae

With oil platforms in the North sea due to a gas leak evacuated workers. More than 230 employees of the British oil platform in the Elgin, located in the North sea was evacuated because of a gas leak on it. About the incident, which occurred on Monday, March 26, said the Agency Agence France-Presse. According to official data, was evacuated 238 people. Among them there is no dead nor injured. The operational group, consisting of 19 technical specialists initially were on the platform to ascertain the circumstances of the entire incident.

The Japanese are the world's first extracted gas from methane hydrate. Japan reported on the successful extraction of natural gas from frozen methane hydrate, the deposits of which are not far from the coast of this country. Methane hydrates or clathrates, are crystalline compound of water and methane. Gas reservoir located 50 km from the coast of Japan. The researchers believe that it may become an alternative source of energy for Japan, which is a net importer of energy.

Scientists predict the future of the planet without polluting sources of energy. The impact of technology of production of alternative energy sources on the economic situation of developing countries is a long-standing subject of debate scientists. Recommending shale gas as environmentally friendly energy source, scholars have noted that industry for the extraction of shale gas in Europe is not so strongly developed as in the United States, so finding an appropriate drilling equipment and skilled operating personnel will not be easy. This problem could become a significant obstacle



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