Shale gas – a source of the greenhouse effect

The oil shale wells in the US there is a high level of greenhouse gases.

A joint study by scientists from the Universities of Purdue and Cornell is one of the few that determines the level of methane in the atmosphere above the wells, extracting shale gas.

American scientists on a special plane flew above the Marcellus field in southeastern Pennsylvania. This allowed us to determine the yield of methane from individual wells and platforms in the air. Chemistry Professor Paul Shepson said, "it Should be noted that the major emissions measured over the wells under drilling, exceeds the cadastral assessment from 100 to 1000 times. This proves that some processes are not taken into account when designing projects."

The results obtained can have implications for assessing the impact of shale gas on the environment. Sipson, added: "We must develop a way to objectively measure emissions from shale gas".



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