Olive interior: from classic to playful liberties

The ability of color to influence mood and well-being is difficult to overestimate. The use of olive hues in interior design can be quite interesting. After various combinations with other colors will create a room atmosphere from restrained classic to playful and very lively.

The influence of olive green on light and the dimensions of the room

Feature olive color that he is able to darken the space, absorbing the light flux, and as a result, the room visually becomes smaller and somewhat darker. To avoid this unpleasant effect, there are several solutions.

1. So, the olive in pure form and large quantities are best used in spacious and well-lit rooms. With numerous light sources (the window) must emit a white rather than yellow flow.

2. Olive color can still be diluted by other, more bright and fresh colors. For this purpose you can use white, cream, light yellow, repeated in the decoration of walls, pieces of furniture, textiles or accessories.

Compatibility with other olive tones

Depending on the goals you set for yourself, transforming the interior, use different color combinations of olive with other shades.

His door with white and warm brown will help to create a cozy classic interior. The connection of the olive with delicate tones of beige, cream, coffee with milk will add to the room's easy elegance.
Grey or eggshell, is selected as additional to the "Oliva", suitable for the decoration of the space in a minimalist style.

Borrowed from nature vivid combination of "olive – purple (Magenta, bright yellow, orange)" advantageous will look, if you want to saturate the room with energy and add life. But intense shades needs to be dosed.

No less successful are a relaxed combination of terracotta, ochre, muted Burgundy, mustard or straw shades. If carefully add to the "Oliva" pistachio, mint, or other related tones, it is possible to significantly freshen up the interior of any napravlenie.

Olive shades in different rooms

Shade of olive it is acceptable to use in the design of almost any room. You only need to choose the right combinations and to determine in what capacity he will serve as the dominant or secondary.

1. Olive lounge can be reserved (with muted color combinations), and a cheerful, almost exotic (with rich bright accents).

2. In the kitchen olive connect with the cheerful tones of orange and yellow. Together with them, the kitchen will acquire the ability to give energy and to whet the appetite. Of course, more valid and neutral: white, grey, brown, sand and other simple combinations.

3. In the bedroom or nursery for a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere it is better to use light olive and combine it with pastel light shades. Intense colors and contrasting combinations should either avoid or use them in such items, which if necessary can be removed or replaced.

For the interior the olive color is great as a base, but it can also be present only in the form of accent spots. Sensitive and competent involving colors, olive in the design space will help to achieve the effect required for a specific room.published


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