It seems to us that men do not know how to feel. But actually it is not so

Men do not know how to feel?

I often hear that men are not capable of emotions. Not able to feel a woman and love her! Aren't you funny? Smile.

You know, it would be truer to say that men do not know how to love as women love. How they want to be loved. Yes, it's true. We put very different meaning into this word.

If girls love is storm and abyss all her emotions, for us it is warm, safe home, our fortress in which you must grow the son. We need the support of their women. It makes us stronger than we can imagine. And I want to be the only one in her life. We want to rise above itself and to bring home so much happiness that it always had with the stock.

My wife is often angry and harbored resentment toward me when I didn't do the things that she did.

She did not understand before this, she thought, what am I supposed to feel this world the way she feels it. To adopt her sense of smell every smell. To get into her skin.

Weird, my whole mistake was that she wanted me to be like her. Woman! Woman! But I'm not. And never will be.

I learned how to give her emotions on the basis of those qualities I possess.

I suddenly grab her hands and begin to circle — no woman would be able to give her that. Smiles.

I kiss her, my hands are strong, she is not afraid to fall.
I'm not crying over those movies that touch her. I don't have her heart. But I have my own, unique. I write her stories, sometimes she cries from those words. For the first time and I cried when she told me that I will soon become a father.

I like my women. I know how to feel. I'm a man.

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Author Vyacheslav Ashes

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