Hostesses note: 7 secrets of making the perfect choux pastry.

Delicate pastry custard cake — amazing taste air test, familiar from childhood almost everyone Candyman. But even the most meticulous hostess is not always adept at making the "bubble" choux pastry for eclairs, often postponing intricate recipes to the side, never daring to take them.

The editors of "Site" is not afraid of culinary experiments and so today we are happy to share with you 7 proven of lifehacks that will make your dough perfect for any custard dessert!

How to cook choux pastry
  1. Watch the boiling point. Whimsical choux pastry does not tolerate negligence! Be sure to follow the specified proportions of ingredients, and don't let water boil away in the pan, otherwise the dough will lose its lightness and becomes thick.

  2. The secret "flour landing." Continuously and immediately sipai the flour into the liquid contents of the test! Custard masterpieces do not like slowness. In order to quickly add the flour to the dough, use a simple sheet of paper, folded in half, from which the flour will crumble you with the necessary speed. Don't forget all thoroughly!
  3. Bulgakov's the secret or the rule of "the fatal eggs". The point is simple: the temperature of a hot test must be perfect in order for the eggs in it disappeared, and not artfully cooked.

  4. Wet a baking sheet. Be sure to soak it with water pan on top of the butter before baking the dough. Only when the correct moisture of the muffins will rise and stick.
  5. The secret of a teaspoon. Spread the dough on a baking sheet with a teaspoon! One spoon fits the shape of round cakes, two tea-spoons — ideal for serving Eclair.

  6. The preheating of the oven. Be sure to give the oven to heat up to 180C strictly and only at this temperature bake choux pastry. When a specified parameter, you will create an ideal "climate" for air dessert.

  7. Do not open the oven before the full baking test! If you open the oven before the cakes are just "deflate" and lose their splendor.

With these secrets any recipe air test and custard cakes at home now!

Safely improve your piping skills.

And be sure to share these culinary intricacies with your friends and family!

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