How to reduce waist size: 5 recommendations

If you want to reduce your waist, you need to keep in mind that the excess fat deposited in different people in different parts of the body.

It depends on different factors:

  • from the Constitution,
  • dietary habits,
  • from physical activity,
  • hormonal change.
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We will talk about five basic principles that must be followed to make the waist thinner for a month.


To reduce waist size the healthy way

In order to lose weight and remove fat from the waist, do not need to adhere to extremely rigid diet. If your body has a tendency to accumulate belly fat, maybe that will to lose weight other parts of the body, and the stomach fat will remain.

It is important to follow the following basic principles. They not only help you to make the waist more slim. You'll feel healthier, more energetic and full of vitality.


1. There are "80%»

"There is 80%" means nothing to eat "to satiety". To get up from the table you need with the feeling that you could eat more, but, in General, have enough. Should remain a slight feeling of hunger.

The ideal moment for this is when feelings of hunger are gone, but you can eat something else, like dessert.

Not to overeat, you need to eat correctly — chew well, eat sitting down, without haste, without distractions. Then quickly comes a feeling of satiety, and we avoid the temptation to eat more than is required by the body.

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If we constantly eat "80%", waist size is gradually reduced, bloating is not a concern and we do not feel heaviness and drowsiness after meals.

 2. More protein and proper fats

Trying to lose weight, we usually sharply reduce the number of calories consumed and eat a lot of greens and vegetables.

But studies show that low calorie diet not very useful. In addition, they usually give only short-term effect is weight coming back, and often added to it a new weight.

Protein in diet contributes to weight loss, but to include it in your diet wisely.

For the most part it should be vegetable protein (legumes, nuts, avocados), you can also eat eggs, cheese and fish. You need to eat less meat, especially red meat.

Protein foods should be included in every meal.

Healthy fats stimulate metabolism and thus help to reduce weight. Therefore, you should regularly include in the diet vegetable oil first cold pressed, avocado, nuts, seeds, etc.

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3. Do not sit for longer than 45 minutes

From a sedentary lifestyle makes you fat, especially in the waist area. And it is very harmful for health.

To prevent this, you can use the alarm clock. Let him every 45 minutes reminds you that you need to get out of the chair and move.

Highly recommended at least two times a week enough intense exercise or physical activity. These classes put a strain on different muscles in the body.

And it is important to always be mindful of good posture. Weakened muscles of the lower back can also cause an increase in waist size.

 4. Massage the waist area

Sometimes one of the reasons his waist is poor circulation or stagnation of lymph in the lymphatic vessels in this area. Therefore, to help reduce waist size can massage.

You can use the brush to massage or to do regular massage with oil or moisturizing lotion.

To enhance the effect can drip onto the skin a few drops of lemon essential oil to help get rid of the fat and oil of rosemary, which improves circulation.

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It is very effective a compress of clay. You can apply it at some time in the afternoon or at night.

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  5. To improve hormonal balance

During menopause women often increases the amount of belly fat. But often this suffering and young girls, in spite of proper nutrition and sufficient physical activity.

Some natural supplements can help us to regulate hormonal balance:

  • The root of Maca
  • Chasteberry
  • Linseed oil
  • Fennel
  • Yam
  • Sage


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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