Slim waist for 7 days: 4 wonderful tips to help you get things done

Thin waist - the cherished dream of most women, but quite a challenge for some of us, because of the fat that is deposited in the abdominal area, it is very difficult to get rid of the influence of genetics, metabolism and hormonal imbalance.

Sometimes it does not help even a strict diet and excess fat on the abdomen is resisting to the last.

In this article, we will tell you about the 4 important and effective tips that can help reduce waist in a week. You will have to make less effort than it seems.

Why is it so difficult to bring back harmony waist?

Wasp waist - the cherished dream of many women, as it makes more feminine silhouette and emphasizes the hips bend

. However, at the waist the fastest store fat, even if in general you stay lean.

Here are the possible causes of excess centimeters at the waist (other than genetic predisposition):

Hormonal imbalances, such as during menopause


Digestive disorders

Slow metabolism

Sedentary lifestyle

Eating foods high in sugar and refined foods

Excessive consumption of spirits


Less eat dinner

We most strongly get fat because of what overeat at dinner time, and copious amounts of food immediately affects the volume of waist.

The good news is that the positive effect of changing eating habits for the better (for example, if the dinner you will eat less or just before dinner), most likely also affects it at the waist.

Some people say they can not too early for dinner because of their schedules. If this is your case, try to eat a hearty lunch and dinner prefer something light.

Also, many say that the dinner - this is the meal, followed by the whole family, so they can not donate

. In this case, give preference to light in cooking and recipes, or choose a smaller portion of the stomach.

The following morning you will notice that the waist has decreased in volume. It certainly cheer you, and you'll be able to stick to the basics of proper nutrition in the future.

Watch your portion sizes

Of course, do not need to starve, but try not to eat more than you really need, especially for dinner. Wait 5-10 minutes, and hunger will disappear soon.

For this small amount of time we usually eat particularly harmful products, such as breads and sweets.

One of the best tricks, which allows you to cheat hunger - taking herbal infusion useful for digestion immediately after edy.Takzhe try to chew food and eat slowly

. Eat More Protein

You probably have heard of diets high in protein, and about what a miraculous results they produce in a short time. They really are effective, but are very harmful for the liver and kidneys, as well as over time can backfire.

Nevertheless, we want to emphasize the importance of animal protein consumption or herbal weight loss and reduction of waist.

To the food was balanced, and do not forget about other products.

Sources of animal protein:

Fish and seafood


Sources of vegetable protein:


Nuts and seeds

Whole grains


It is best to eat a portion of protein at each meal, combining vegetable and animal proteins and adding them raw and cooked vegetables.

Try to minimize the consumption of refined flour and replace it with whole grain products.

Carefully choose fats

Fats are essential for the health of our body. As nutritionists, abandoning them, we hurt their health. We just need to make the right choice.

Good fats help reduce weight, reduce waist size and prevent the accumulation of fat in other parts of the body.

These fats are often used by the body to restore energy costs.

Do not forget to include healthy foods available at each meal, for example:

Nuts and seeds


Vegetable oils are cold pressed (olive, coconut, sesame, wheat germ, evening primrose)

oily fish Egg yolk

Dairy products such as yogurt, feta or goat cheese, ghee.


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