18 evidence that animals can enjoy life even better than us

Animals — overwhelmingly positive beings whose happiness does not need money, villas and yachts — they value very different things.

Website found 18 evidence that we can learn from our smaller brothers.

Animals do not need a special cause for joy

They have enough good weather

... A small but cozy house

... And sincere attention

They are always ready to laugh at a good joke

... And in General is not averse to fool around

Pet will be in seventh heaven, if you call him a walk

Or go to the beach together

However, water treatment can be done at home

And then peacefully sleep

... In the company of a favorite toy

All animals love when cared for

Treated to sweets

The more, the better

Because too much is not good

So like us, animals love to show off

And they are always glad of any little thing

But the greatest joy in the life of any pet to be close to those who love him

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