The teacher found a brilliant answer to the eternal question all students of the world

One day the mathematics teacher Jeremy Kun asked a question that puzzled each of us: "where I can use all those sines, cosines, integrals and all other algebra to geometry"? Unlike most of their counterparts kun did not panic and called the 5 reasons why mathematics is important.

We are in the Website, may wish to argue with Jeremy, but against these iron arguments nothing to argue. It remains only to remember math.

And not just to acknowledge them, but move ahead to still win a long-awaited victory over an impossible task.

For example, Carl and Clara are standing in front of written on the blackboard equations. Clara is sure that the equation is correct, and Karl knows exactly what is not. An hour passes, of which the two switch roles: Clara believes that the equation is wrong, and Carl stamps his feet and calls Clara an incredible dumbass. Fantastic situation? But mathematics are met with such almost every day.

Ask any teacher what to do if problem is not solved. The answer is very simple: "Start over and try to go the other way. And most importantly, don't worry about mistakes, because it will ultimately direct you on the right track".

Accuracy — the politeness of all mathematicians. This is quite hard to argue, after all, every term and every phenomenon has its very clear definition.

Remember how the teacher made us memorize by heart the definition of geometric shapes or, for example, the conditions of the Pythagorean theorem? In school, we had no idea where this knowledge will come in handy. But let's think: do we always pronounce the words, not for a moment doubting their value? Can you, without hesitation, answer, what peace, what happiness is or what love is? Match your answers to these questions with the answers your loved ones?And most importantly, will you be able to call something where there's a precise definition?

To solve a math problem is like playing chess. Any wrong, careless move can lead to disastrous consequences.

How often, doing homework in algebra, you came to a standstill only due to the fact that instead plus put a minus? Even the most tiny mistake can undermine all your plans and become a huge obstacle on the way to the cherished dream. And math teaches us to be attentive and responsible for their own actions. Not enough, right?

"What I am saying now is false" — so runs the famous "paradox of the liar" which precisely describes what is happening in modern science.

Many theorems, rules, and axioms, which have previously been faithful, now no longer work. This means that you do not blindly trust even the most authoritative opinion as long as you don't have it all figured out for yourself. Scientists call this "reasonable skepticism", which we are so well taught mathematics.

After all, if you don't solve the problem, it will solve someone else. So why not be the first?

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