This company pays employees $ 2,000 so they could spend a vacation where we want to be

There is a term — "Martyr of labor." He describes people who are reluctant to take vacation, fearing the possible consequences of his absence from work.

That mark Douglas (Mark Douglas), Director of marketing company SteelHouse has faced a similar problem when he reported to his staff that they can go on vacation when it suits them, they just didn't know how to react.

Then Mark came up with the idea: why not pay the workers because they just take a vacation and spend it where they want? Of course, leave no surprise, but in this case we are not talking about them, and the bonus of $ 2000 which can be spent only on vacation — once or in parts.

Employees of the company during the annual trip to Las Vegas.

In other words, once a year due to the company you can go anywhere and do anything you want — of course, within legal. Of course, there were those who just wanted to get the bonus without spending it to rest. But mark is adamant in the use of money. "I really want you to go anywhere and had a great time" — he insists.

The results speak for themselves. Over the past three years, only five of the 250 employees left the company, three of them did it for reasons not related to work. We also found out that after the "bonus" vacation people come back with new forces and work much more efficiently.

So the SteelHouse team celebrates Halloween.

Mark Douglas believes that other organizations could learn from his experience. He believes that they need to delve into this idea, then it will cease to seem somewhat intimidating.

"It's one thing to say to employees: "you Have three weeks vacation", as is done in most companies, says mark. — And quite another when you declare: "you Have the money, and if you don't spend it on a holiday, they just "burn". This is a more advanced way to convince the staff that we really important, so they should be rested".

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