Usually outsiders spoil the wedding photos, but not in this case

Everyone know that bad moment when is ready to take the perfect photo, when suddenly someone breaks into the frame and ruins everything. This is especially annoying during the most solemn and joyful events such as weddings. Newlyweds Elizabeth and Ryan got into such a situation, when photographed in Central Park in new York on September 24.

However, they were in seventh heaven, when an outsider "ruined" their wedding photos, and now you'll understand why.

The frame has got himself Tom Hanks — star of "Forrest Gump" and "the da Vinci Code"

He just ran down the road, but instead, like other runners around the area of the shooting made her a star

He kissed the bride's hand and congratulated the young on their holiday

Photographer Meg Miller (Meg Miller) was lucky enough to capture this unique meeting. She was confused and tried to capture every moment

In the end Tom took a selfie with the newlyweds, which was later posted on his Twitter with the caption: "Elizabeth and Ryan! Congratulations and blessings! Hanks"

So you need to "spoil" the photos — with Hollywood scale and sincere simplicity.

Photos on the preview Meg Miller Photography

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