Quite easy to do this procedure every morning and minus 10 years guaranteed.

Italian facial massage is a unique technique that will allow you to quickly rejuvenate the skin. It is suitable for business women, as this is a matter of minutes! Start doing it every morning, and you will notice how the skin will come in tone, the wrinkles will disappear, and the facial contours will become clearer.

Before making a gentle massage, apply a face moisturizer. We will work on the skin Pat, tweaks and pressure. Pat runs the fingers and palms, pinching — the thumb and forefinger, and the pressure – index and middle fingers.

Facial massage from wrinkles
  1. Start patting the face from chin to scalp. Produce light tapping with fingertips, and then strengthen the effects on your skin by using the fingers and palm. The first stage of the massage should last about 2 minutes. Image # 16 shows massage, worth going. It's OK if the face slightly blush, because we improve blood circulation in upper and deep layers of the skin!

  2. Facial massage at home, of course, life-saving treatment for all who do not have regular opportunities to visit beauty salons. It is a cheap and effective way to look younger! The second stage of the massage not only enhances blood circulation in the area of facial wrinkles, but also provides lymph drainage. Tweaks complete horizontal lines, shown in picture number 16. In for 2 minutes to produce a light tingling along the lines of facial wrinkles, shown in the images # 17 and # 18.

    1 minute, perform strong pinch from the nose to the cheeks along the lines depicted in figure 19.

  3. The third stage of the massage point pressure along the lines of the cheekbones and around the eyes. You should start with little pressure and gradually move to stimulate stronger pressure that lasts for 3 seconds. Focus on the lines shown in figure 20, the total duration of the third stage of massage — 2 minutes.

  4. The final stage of the massage! Pass through the points of beauty, depicted in figure No. 21. For 1 minute to stimulate their slight pressure. Then within a minute pull on the bracing point, as shown in figure No. 22.

    Finish with a rejuvenating massage lightly Pat with fingertips for absorption, shown in figure No. 23.

Now you know how to do a facial massage. This procedure will give the skin elasticity, eliminates wrinkles, revitalize the face and give him a healthy color! If you carry out this simple procedure regularly, you will not be disappointed in the result. The rejuvenating effect will be reflected in the compliments that showered around you!

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