I always hated cleaning the bathroom, but this trick changed everything! Now the tile is whiter than snow...

Bathroom is one of the favorite places for almost everyone, so cleaning this area needs to be regular and quality. Many Housewives have long abandoned the use of household chemicals and prefer to clean using natural products.

Today our editorial team will share with you not only effective but also environmentally friendly methods of cleaning in the bathroom. We hope our tips will be useful to you.

Cleaning the bathroom
  1. If the seams of the tiles are dirty, try to wash them with vinegar and a toothbrush. To fix the result, you use this trick with a candle.

  2. To clean an acrylic bath, use a soft sponge and liquid soap, as acrylic is very sensitive to aggressive chemicals.

  3. To get rid of contaminants on the surface of cast iron bathtubs, you should use cleaning products that do not contain abrasive particles. Best for this purpose, suitable Dustov soap, the furnace soot and solutions based on vinegar.

  4. To get rid of soap stains on the sink will help a mixture of a small amount of warm vinegar and two pinches of salt.

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