The shocking truth about how many germs accumulate mobile phone!

It is difficult to imagine life without mobile devices. They have become our reliable partner in communication with the outside world, planning tasks, self-expression, entertainment...

Unfortunately, few people realize how many bacteria live on the body of the beloved gadget. But many of them pathogenic!

Why does the phone screen need citytaxiperu conducted in Surveyscom University, confirmed the need for regular cleaning of case and mobile phone screen.

Dr. Simon Pak of the above University invited its students to print their electronic devices on a nutrient for bacteria medium in Petri dishes.

After 3 days, the researchers saw a beautiful colony of bacteriathat inhabit the body gadgets.

Dr. Pak said that to be afraid is not necessary, as the majority of microorganisms inhabiting the mobile, is harmless.

However, hazardous to health are also present, Staphylococcus aureus, for example, have chosen a device. This type of bacteria is the cause of skin diseases, meningitis, pneumonia, osteomyelitis...

The scientist concluded: "the results of the study showed that cell phones don't just remember telephone numbers, but also store the history of our physical contact with different people and materials." In push-button devices bacteria live on the keyboard, but the vulnerable place of touchscreen phones screen.

The best way to protect yourself from bacteria and regular cleansing of the body and screen of the phone using special tools.

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